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  • Best Exclusive PS3 Game
  • Best Multiplatform PS3 Game
  • Best PSN Game
  • Best Surprise (Game)
  • Best Surprise (Non-Game)
  • Best Conference
  • Biggest Disappointment
  • Best of Show. Game, event, anything.
  • Darrin

    Exclusive: Resistance. I hate to pick the big dumb shooter, but this game is just too good. LBP is a close riskier second choice
    Multiplatform: Rock Band 2. Very boring, safe choice. Incremental game, but I can’t name any other single title.
    PSN: PixelJunk Eden. Fat Princess sounds good too.
    Surprise Game: DC Online. This still looks pretty rough, but I love the concept.
    Surprise Non-Game: FFXIII going to 360. That was the biggest surprise.
    Best Conference: Sony ๐Ÿ™‚
    Disappointment: Heavy Rain was a private-only showing. Sony had too many shooters.
    Best of Show: Abstain. I can’t pick any single thing.

  • Mike

    Best Exclusive PS3 Game: Little Big Planet
    Best Multiplatform PS3 Game: Final Fantasy XIII
    Best PSN Game: Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty
    Best Surprise: Resistance PSP
    Best Surprise (Non-Game): ?
    Best Conference: Microsoft. Only because the PS3 conference seem to have nothing to counter the blow of FFXIII going multiplatform and the Nintendo conference making me question my interest in gaming
    Biggest Disappointment: Resident Evil 5. It quite literally seems like Resident Evil 4 with a new coat of paint, set in Africa, but with a strange number of non-natives since people started complaining about Africans being in a game set in Africa (how has Far Cry 2 escaped the same complaints?)
    Best of Show. Game, event, anything: I guess the fact that Killzone 2 is looking quite stellar. I don’t know how much room will be left for it make a huge impact after all of the shooters getting released between now and next February but for all of the hand wringing over the E3 2005 trailer, the real time graphics are shaping up to be terrific. Probably the best looking console shooter so far.

  • sinisterff

    Best Exclusive PS3 Game: Resistance 2, The footage just look awesome, although I’m still feeling bad for not putting LBP there

    Best Multiplatform PS3 Game: Fallout 3, Despite not having DLC on PS3, is still looking awesome with the VATS, graphics, and the new camera (First or Third Person, a lot better than the camera in F1 and F2)

    Best PSN Game: Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty

    Best Surprise (Game): MAG, I hope it delivers. Also Valkyria Chronicles looks damn good

    Best Surprise (Non-Game): Lost of Exclusivity of FFXIII, I’m sure a lot of gamers that bought a PS3 just for that game feel cheated right now, but there’s still much more of this console.

    Best Conference: Sony, honestly I don’t want to give this category to a Singstar (Lips), Miis(Avatars), eyetoy ps2 games (Visual camera or wathever is called), XMB (Xbox new Interface). The only thing that surprised me of MS conference was the FFXIII, everything else was WTF?

    Biggest Disappointment: Nintendo’s conference, I kinda see it coming, but still…

    Best of Show. Game, event, anything. Hmm dunno we knew pretty much everything beforehand, I guess Fallout 3 was the best of the show for me

  • Best Exclusive PS3 Game: Killzone 2
    The said it would never look like the original E3 trailer, and it does. Even if it plays like “every other FPS game”, it’s still an achievement. I know I’ll love it, and I just can’t wait.

    Best Multiplatform PS3 Game: Resident Evil 5. Granted, it does look a lot like RE4 in HD, but RE4 was a stunning game – one of the best ever made – so that’s no bad thing in my book!

    Best PSN Game: Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty. Ratchet quality in a downloadable game? Yes please!

    Best Surprise (Game): MAG – I thought Resistance 2 was going to be the daddy with 60 players, but 256? Wowzers!

    Best Surprise (Non-Game): KZ2’s online info, and news that it will look just as good online as in the single-player.

    Best Conference: Sony, because of the R2 footage and MAG info. And because I don’t care about FF XIII!

    Biggest Disappointment: That the UK/Europe don’t get the movie store until next year.

    Best of Show: Difficult, as there was nothing really major for me. I’d probably have to say MAG, simply because of the 256-player aspect – something which has never been done on consoles before.

  • Jay

    Best Exclusive PS3 Game

    Best Multiplatform PS3 Game
    Fallout 3.

    Best PSN Game
    Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty.

    Best Surprise (Game)
    Resistsance Retribution.

    Best Surprise (Non-Game)
    Video downloads.

    Best Conference

    Biggest Disappointment
    Nintendo keynote. A mess, and full of crap.

    Best of Show. Game, event, anything.
    Jack Tretton’s performance running the Sony keynote. I like Jack. after seeing that, who could not like Jack? Jack is my friend.

  • ehandlr

    * Best Exclusive PS3 Game
    Final Fantasy XIII Versus

    * Best Multiplatform PS3 Game
    Final Fantasy XIII

    * Best PSN Game
    Ratchet and Clank

    * Best Surprise (Game)
    Ratchet and Clank

    * Best Surprise (Non-Game)
    Killzone 2 Multiplayer Info

    * Best Conference

    * Biggest Disappointment
    Nintendo’s Conference

    * Best of Show. Game, event, anything.
    Killzone 2 stole the show baby

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    * Best Exclusive PS3 Game
    little big planet.

    * Best Multiplatform PS3 Game
    resident evil 5.

    * Best PSN Game
    fat princess

    * Best Surprise (Game)
    GoW 3

    * Best Surprise (Non-Game)
    video store

    * Best Conference
    the only bit i saw of all the conferences was the LBP powerpoint so i’m going for that.

    * Biggest Disappointment
    sonic as a werehog.

    * Best of Show. Game, event, anything.
    the who gig. i hate those music games but the who playing a gig for a game is awesome in my book.

  • *Best Exclusive PS3 Game
    Resistance 2 (followed by Little Big Planet in a very close second place)

    *Best Multiplatform PS3 Game
    Fallout 3

    *Best PSN Game
    Fat Princess

    *Best surprise (Game)
    DC Universe Online

    *Best Surpise (Non-Game)
    Video Store (if it comes to Europe, that is)

    *Best Conference

    *Biggest Disappointment
    Nintendos conference, especially the joke that is Wii Music.

    *Best of Show, Game, Event, anything
    The PSN. The way it was highlighted in the Sony Conference shows that it has a promising future.

  • Best Exclusive PS3 Game : Fat Princess, LBP
    Best Multiplatform PS3 Game: Prince of Persia . Looks Phenomenal
    Best PSN Game: Fat Princess
    Best Surprise (Game): Fat Princess
    Best Surprise (Non-Game): Wii beat 360 in units i the US. And the fact that 360 is only 5 million ahead of Sony.
    Best Conference: MS. Hey FF13 was a show stealer. Sony was solid but they could have just sent me a video on PSN.
    Biggest Disappointment: Lack of RPG’s on PS3. Where the hell is Dark Cloud 3, White Knight Story, Grandia, and a bunch of others. Too much talk about Rock Band and Music “Games” move on people. Avatars from MS. You’re kidding me right. No better than animated gifs, Honestly. I’m sure we’ll see Avatar Olympics soon enough.
    Best of Show. Game, event, anything. 1up show podcast. PS3blognet needs to do one. LBP being used to do the Sony financials. Absolutely Brilliant. Take a guess who’ll copy that next year. Maybe a Viva Pinata Powerpoint. And a realization by the developers and the press that E3 needs to be about the fans nd a bit more of a spectacle. This years coverage was a drag. At a time when the video games industry is making billions their one show of the year is late in the season, boring, and poorly attended. Next year back to May, Make it a spectacle, Hopefully they’ll kill it or bring it back bigger than ever.

  • BEst of Show: Gamewise: Prince of Persia. I downloaded the PSN E3 trailer. If they can make games that look that good, especially if they can make an RPG look like that I will be very happy. I love cell shading when it’s done right. And this is done right. It looks like a graphic novel come to life. Naruto looks good but POP looks awe inspiring. The last time I played prince of Persia was on a black and white Mac.
    Take care

  • PSN: Lifendz

    Best Conference: Sony
    Best Exclusive: God of War 3
    Biggest Disappointment: No mention of any exclusive RPG
    Biggest Surprise (Nongame): Video store
    Biggest Surprise: Resistance’s visuals
    Best PSN game: Everyone’s talking about Fat Princess so why not…
    Best of Show: The creative uses of LBP

  • west_coast_ps3

    Best Exclusive PS3 Game – Buzz master quiz. I know its been released in Australia and Europe all ready, but I’m stoked about it.
    Best Multiplatform PS3 Game – FFXIII
    Best PSN Game – Rachet
    Best Surprise (Game) – Finally a greatest hits lineup. Ironically the greatest hits MSRP is more than what some stores were pricing old stock games for.
    Best Surprise (Non-Game) – I was rather surprised that there really wasn’t anything big at E3 this year. Very little was “news”.
    Biggest Disappointment – No video downloads for Canadians
    Best of Show. Game, event, anything. – the official blog’s meet up at the taco shop seemed to be well run. I wasn’t there but did read about it.

  • Best Exclusive PS3 Game: Killzone2
    Best Multiplatform PS3 Game: Resident Evil 5
    Best PSN Game: flower
    Best Surprise (Game): mag
    Best Surprise (Non-Game): qore girl ๐Ÿ™‚
    Best Conference: MS with its FFXIII victory
    Biggest Disappointment: 80gb core unit without BC, confusing buyers
    Best of Show: Killzone 2

  • * Best Exclusive PS3 Game

    Killzone 2

    * Best Multiplatform PS3 Game


    * Best PSN Game

    RnCF: Booty

    * Best Surprise (Game)


    * Best Surprise (Non-Game)

    That Guitar Hero sold most units actually on the Wii^^

    * Best Conference

    Tie between MS and Sony

    * Biggest Disappointment

    Videostore US exclusive for now

    * Best of Show. Game, event, anything.

    LBP Powerpoint presentation

  • Doodlepants

    * Best Exclusive PS3 Game

    * Best Multiplatform PS3 Game
    * Best PSN Game
    Booty ( ratchet )
    * Best Surprise (Game)
    DC Online
    * Best Surprise (Non-Game)
    Good : Video store
    Bad : Why not in Canada ????
    * Best Conference
    Sony, they had something for everyone, and lots coming ( I don’t care about 360 getting only a portion of FF13 )
    * Biggest Disappointment
    Where was White knight Story and why no NCSoft games ?
    * Best of Show. Game, event, anything.
    LBP in Sony’s presentation

  • * Best Exclusive PS3 Game: Resistance 2
    * Best Multiplatform PS3 Game: Resident Evil 5
    * Best PSN Game: PJ Eden
    * Best Conference: Sony (it’s the only one I watched ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
    * Biggest Disappointment: Lack of any major PS3 game related announcements from Sony
    * Best of Show. Game, event, anything: The music used by Sony at the conference.

  • Best Exclusive PS3 Game: LittleBigPlanet
    Best Multiplatform PS3 Game: Rock Band 2
    Best PSN Game: Where was Wipeout HD ?
    Best Surprise (Game): Quest For Booty
    Best Surprise (Non-Game): ???
    Best Conference: Microsoft (because of FF)
    Biggest Disappointment: Nothing Great and New at Sony’s Conference
    Best of Show: Killzone 2 (I had to put that here, because it was really tied as an answer for the 1st question)

  • Darrin

    Great votes on this. Will tally later this week.

    mcloki, I’m flattered to hear that you think ps3blog could do a podcast, but honestly, it would only be a good idea if we could offer something unique. Most podcasts, even those by quality developers, are pretty dry. 1up yours is excellent, but it’s really the only good one right now.

  • Bilzac

    Best Exclusive PS3 Game : Resistance 2
    Best Multiplatform PS3 Game : Resident Evil 5
    Best PSN Game : Fat Princess
    Best Surprise (Game) : Heavy Rain – Behind Closed Doors
    Best Surprise (Non-Game) : Video Store Release Date
    Best Conference : Sony
    Biggest Disappointment : FFXIII
    Best of Show. Game, event, anything : Little Big Planet

    Note :
    My pick on the “Biggest Disappointment” is sorta fanboyish

  • What? They showed Heavy Rain? Is there any links about that?

  • Only in closed theatres with signed NDAs… so nothing for us… (who actually buy the games^^)

  • Ok, so there wasn’t any point in showing it, really. Since nobody could really talk about it.

  • Kalamoj

    Best Exclusive PS3 Game : Little Big Planet
    Best Multiplatform PS3 Game : Final Fantasy XIII
    Best PSN Game : just cheap jokes, none of them is good enough to stay near the word “best”
    Best Surprise (Game) : there are no suprise, Sony just force the shooter flood
    Best Surprise (Non-Game) : FFXIII going to 360
    Best Conference : Microsoft (jeez, I hate this word)
    Biggest Disappointment : SCE – this band is a mess, I don’t know they blind or something?, after this “presentation” I’ll think about selling my PS3, after MGS4 it’s worth for nothing, Doom clones (R2, K2, MAG) and downloadable minigames, no GT5 (REAL), no GoW3 – just in 201x
    Best of Show: Dragon Age