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PS3 HD Movies in Stereo? |

As a lowly Canadian, I do not currently rate access to Sony’s PSN video download service. But if I did have such access, I don’t know if I’d be using it after all.

When Sony announced the availability of the store, I was excited that I now had another source of HD content. But now I hear that HD movies (all of them? some of them?) on the PSN store are only in stereo.

As in, two channels of sound.

We aren’t in the 80’s anymore Sony. We need our surround sound. If I’m going to dish out that much dough for an HD movie rental, I expect top notch video and sound. That means at least 720p (preferably 1080p) video and 5.1 surround sound (at least!).

Quite a disappointment. I hope that this is only a temporary thing, or is just being reported incorrectly. Otherwise, once the video store finally does make it to Canada, I will not be partaking.

HD movies featuring stereo sound in PlayStation Video Store

  • Darrin

    I mentioned this on my video store impressions post.

  • That would be a downside. I’m planning on using the video store for movies that aren’t worth bluray (ie latest releases of whatever the hit comedy is) and TV shows, not HD content, so I am still looking forward to it.

  • I appreciate what you’re saying, but have you ever looked at the file size of a DTS soundtrack on a DVD? It can add around half a gig to a file size, so – with the limitations of current broadband services – it seems a logical omission to me.

    Plus, Sony have only just won the format war. I’m sure they don’t want to do anything that may dent Blu-ray sales just yet!

  • Well, a Dolby Digital soundtrack takes up a lot less space than a DTS track (about a third, IIRC). I’d gladly wait the extra time to download that.

  • Graeme

    No 5.1, no download, for me. It really is as simple as that, if it can’t offer vision AND sound at least as good as a DVD then what’s the point?

  • skootie

    Apparently you can change the audio track to surround, from the default stereo:

    “All movies default to stereo. For supported movies you need to hit triangle and select audio (like when you change languages on a DVD), that will switch you over to the 5.1 track.”

  • PSN: Lifendz

    I rented Beowulf last night and that movie was awesome. I can’t believe it was all in CGI. The download was lengthy (to say the least) and 5.99 is a little steep even if it is the HD download.

  • Did it have a 5.1 soundtrack?

  • Darrin

    I thought I tried hitting select/triangle and playing with all the options. If the option really is there, though, that would be great.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    these rentals do need to have surround sound when you consider the vast majoprity of PS3 buyers are gonna have these kinds of setups considering the price of the system. if its a file size issue at least give us the choice like the SD and HD versions? ah what do i care i’m in europe and can’t try it anyway…