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Poll: MAG: Massive Action Game |

After seeing the E3 presentation by Sony about the new game MAG, I thought it was just a stand-in title. MAG stands for “Massive Action Game”. Which, really, is more of a description than a title.

But it seems like this will actually be the title of the game! At least at this point. I’m crossing my fingers that Sony will clear the cobwebs from its collective brain and give the name a real title. And it would be nice if it didn’t have a colon in it!

What do you guys think? In my camp about this? Vote in the sidebar as always.

First look at MAG

Previous Poll Results:

How will you use PS3’s Trophies?

* Actively pursue them.: 28% (56)
* Try to get one here and there.: 39% (76)
* Check to see what I got every once in a while.: 20% (40)
* Ignore them.: 13% (25)

Total Votes : 197

  • Ahh, I pressed the first answer… But I think MAG is a good name!!

  • Darrin

    It sounds like an Open Source project, with an acronym name: GIMP, YAML, LAMP, FOSS, etc

    If they named it “Massive Action Game” without the acronym, that would be worse, but the acronym MAG actually has some personality of its own.

    Most titles are just fairly random words anyway: Resistance, Uncharted, FEAR, Project Origin. Compared to those names, MAG is an improvement.

  • jimhead

    Didn’t they say in the Conferenca that the name was a placeholder?

  • I’m sure they’ll keep the “MAG”, but just make the acronym mean something else, like for instance: MAG: Military Activities Guarantied.

    Or perhaps something else…

  • mpz

    I dunno, it’s a lot better than ‘The X Box’ 😉

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    MAG is pretty cool. you can related it to ammo clips. its a nice word to say and easy to remember. i think even if the game is retitled it will still be well known as MAG. it will be hard to shake off.

  • @darrin, how is MAG an improvement over words that actually have a meaning? ‘uncharted’ evokes the idea of exploring unknown territories. ‘resistance’ lets you know it’s a fight against oppressors. MAG is a flavourless description. (i will agree that ‘project origin’ is a terrible name, though :P)

  • Darrin

    Sure, Resistance and Uncharted have meaning, but they are fairly generic terms. That’s like naming a game Onslaught or Conquest.

    I’d prefer cool sounding gibberish for a title like MAG or Qix. No one cares what it stands for. MAG reminds you of an ammo magazine clip or a magnum gun.