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Killzone 2 Objections |

Here’s some campaign mode single-player Killzone 2 action for you in the form of another video. And while Killzone 2 looks totally awesome and all, I finally have to voice some grievances after seeing these annoyances once again in this video.

Here’s my list of things I foresee being annoying or problematic in Killzone 2:

  1. A Six Shooter?
    We can load ourselves up on spaceships and fly to the Helghast’s home planet to bring war across worlds, but we still use revolvers? What the heck?
  2. Annoying Green Sight
    Inline with the technology complaint above, I’m sure that in the future they can come up with a much better sight than that dingy green annoying thing. I mean seriously! Get rid of that and give us better sights with a better field of view. Even the weapons in Call of Duty 4 look better than these, and Call of Duty 4 is set in the present day!
  3. Reloading Too Often
    Now this one might be a false alarm. Playing shooters, it’s second nature to reload after shooting at an enemy. But looking at this video, it looked like there was just too much reloading going on. I don’t want to have to reload after firing 5 shots. That’s just too much.
  4. Eight Maps
    I know this isn’t in the video, but it’s still a grievance! Multiplayer mode will only ship with eight maps. That’s a really small number. Call of Duty 4 shipped with something like 12 or 16 maps, didn’t it? Even then, the map pack was a great relief when it came. Eight maps just isn’t enough for what looks to be a AAA title like this. And don’t be feeding me the downloadable content line either. You know that those maps will cost the money, which isn’t fair considering the paltry number of maps the game ships with. This is actually my biggest complaint, and if Guerilla were to fix only one thing, I hope they fix this!

  • The weapons are one thing that I loved in the original, for the feeling of weight and practicality that they conveyed. I’ve no objections to them… I love them!

    KZ2 isn’t the only sci-fi platform to do this. The re-imagined Battlestar Galactica does away with ray guns and the like, and they still use machineguns and revolvers… even the Viper fighters and Cylons fire bullets, and the series is all the more realistic for it.

  • Burten

    I gotta agree with no.4, the rest is just potato/potato.

    Guerilla is creating a universe set in (oh, the orginality) “a near by future”.
    Its up to their creative heads to deside whether to use lasers or bullets, red or green sights, 1.gen or 4.gen iPod for the infantry ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If you dont like what they are cooking together, dont buy the game.
    Iยดll only end up wasting your money.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    dude i think you have gone way overboard here.
    1. a lot of people love 6 shooters. look at all the free radical games that feature them. heck everyone loves dirty harry right?
    2. i always thought the green sight was good. got a nice zoom to it. not too much. not to little and you can still see around it. sure COD4’s are better but these will more than suffice.
    3. i’ve noticed in all the videos so far the amount of reloading. i think its safe to say its completely down to how people play the game, you can see the size of the clips in the bottom right corner. i also think guerilla are enjoying their reload animation too much ๐Ÿ˜€
    4. i can agree with. is the 8 maps confirmed? tbh i’m still on the fence about this game. kinda see it as a play through the campaign and then i’m done. i hope it proves me wrong.
    nice to see a video with all the sound although i’m getting bored of that room now…

  • 1. Wasn’t Dirty Harry from the 60’s, not hundreds of years from now?
    2. Why should we settle?
    3. Like I said, this may just be the person in the video.
    4. We definitely need more maps…

  • mpz

    1. i imagine revolvers have a place for reliability in harsh environments. which is what this alien planet is supposed to be.
    2. its just a matter of style, it’s really here nor there compared to most other similar games. also it is not earth in the future, it is alien fighting alien isn’t it? so ‘present day’/future has no meaning.
    3. more just conservative play style – make sure you don’t need to reload half way through a fire-fight.
    4. multiplayer doesn’t interest everyone.

  • alisound

    if that is the final script / voice acting in the game then oh my god?! that was truly awful and need i talk about how little is going on in that map? CoD4 got the pace right, aswel as having a great story. this is starting to look like haze to me now. o dear!

  • Emrah

    There’s no way this will end up like haze. I mean, come on.

  • ehandlr

    1. Even with technology, revolvers generally allow for higher caliber shells and an overall heavier gun for accuracy.

    2. I like the green site. The dot looks ever smaller then COD’4s. I’d like to actually play it before I call COD4’s better.

    3. Guerilla wanted to showcase reloading in the recent demos/trailers. I’m not sure if you seen all the reload gifs…but they are extremely lifelike. Especially the shoulder rocket. Freaking amazing animation.

    4. 8 maps on a game that we didn’t expect much from the multiplayer in the first place is fine by me. The single player game is simply amazing from what I saw. They are almost 100% definately adding more.

    One thing we need to try to get away from..including myself is comparing every FPS to COD4. I know it sounds like I’m saying we should lower our standards for every other game….but the fact remains if you do the comparison…you will leave disappointed most of the time.

    I however think this game has the potential to outdo COD4.

  • PSN: Lifendz

    I have no prob with the revolver at all. Shows weapon variety. A Magnum six shooter might be the most powerful firearm in the game if you get upclose to an enemy.

    2. The sight? C’mon Henning. That’s nitpicking to the highest degree.

    3. You made the reloading sound like the guy took 4 shots and then reloaded. The reloading was just normal. And I reload after I kill an enemy anyway so it doesn’t matter to me.

    4. Eight maps is plenty if done right. I probably only enjoy 6 maps in COD4. Vacant, Ambush, Cross fire, broadcast, Crash, and one more whose name I can’t remember. And I’m sure they’ll have map packs for the game. Probably more than COD4 because Activision is all about pumping out a new product every year.

    The fact that your complaints were limited to just the above says how good the game really is. Can’t wait to serve some pwnage on ya when the game comes out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 1) I have no problem with variety. But when the variety is amongst weapons from the 1960’s in a futuristic game? Come on. I don’t mind bullets, but at least package them right.

    2) No it’s not. We’ll be using the sight ALL THE TIME. It’s gonna wear thin really fast.

    3) Yeah – read my disclaimer.

    4) But the maps YOU like and the maps someone else may like are two totally different things. I don’t like Vacant, for example. You have to get some good variety in there so that there’s something for everyone. I know that points one to three are nitpicking, and if they aren’t fixed, oh well, what can I do. But I’m sticking to my guns on this one. Eight maps just isn’t enough.

  • alisound

    if you guys were to imagine for a second that this was an xbox 360 exclusive, what would you really think about it . and be honest, i dont just want to hear about the graphics, and the reload animations.

  • I don’t know what you’re getting at. If it was an Xbox 360 exclusive I wouldn’t be concerned about the revolver? Or the lack of maps?

    In fact, I wouldn’t be concerned about anything, because I don’t have a 360.

  • Paul

    Just wanted to say I love the look of the sight, I wouldn’t want them to change that!

  • Trieloth

    dang man what the hell? you didnt mention split screen.
    MGO didnt have that many maps at first and people still bought it…Meh iam done trying to defend ‘Video Games’ for now. Iam get’n to old for this nonsense.

  • Con

    I personally love Revolvers, but it is pretty dumb i guess.

    The green sight can be pretty practical if it’s a dark area.

    I usually reload the same amount as this guy on shooters, which can be a strength and a weakness.

    I am not bothered about the last one if they’re all good, but if most of them are crap then it would be a serious problem.