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Monster PSN Update Expected Tonight |

Three big titles are expected to hit PSN tonight!

PixelJunk Eden Demo


This title has gotten some really positive buzz. The previous game in the PixelJunk series, Monsters, was a big hit, and this one is rumored to be even better.

Siren Full Game


A quality, survival horror game. The demo was fun, can’t wait for the full version tonight!

1942 Full Game + Demo


A polished, accessible, remake of a classic top-down shooter.

And the next issue of the online magazine, Qore, will include access to the beta for Resistance 2. Supposedly, you can also get into the Resistance 2 beta by pre-ordering the game.


  1. I’m definitely looking forward to Eden and 1942. Can’t say I go for the horror games much. But yeah, three big titles in one update. Nice!

  2. rock on.. eden looks great, and 1942.. love the shooters

  3. ehandlr

    I’ll be getting Eden for sure…and Pixel Junk Monsters is $4.99 now…so I’ll pick that up too.

  4. Trigga_Tybalt

    i couldn’t find the eden demo. is that US only? :/

  5. Thierry

    bought 1942, it is good remake, worth the 10 bucks = 6.5 euros 🙂

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