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Resistance 2 Beta – Two Ways to get in |

Like Darrin pointed out in the Shoutbox. The R2 Beta should be available in Qore on August 7th. The beta itself will be available in September. But another way to get in is to pre-order the game a Gamestop. I assume how the MGO beta worked.

I’m excited to try out the multiplayer in R2, but I think I’ll go the Gamestop route. I myself haven’t bought any Qore episodes yet. Which way are you going to do it?

More ways to get into Resistance beta than Qore, Europe not excluded

  • Well, I bought Qore issue 1 (just to check it out), which supposedly had a SOCOM Confrontation Beta invite. So far… nothing!

  • Gary

    Whoever gets into the BETA, DO NOT ask for PTT comms!! 👿

  • PSN: Lifendz

    I’m getting the Beta but probably from Qore. Refuse to do any business at Gamestop ever again.

  • Solid_Nat

    I am hoping they do the same thing here in the UK as they did with the MGO BETA (just minus the probs) A download via the PSN and then access for a couple of weeks. Its good to see more BETA’s coming to the PS3 even if they are for PS3 only games….

  • To second Gary’s comment – DON’T ask for PTT comms. It ruined Warhawk.

    R2 simply needs to have the same squad-based comms system as the first game, with a mute option to apply to all the mouth-breathers out there.

  • Rich

    Well I subscribed to Qore (don’t ask) so I guess I’ll get into the beta that way. Good too see that there are 2 ways in.

  • Trieloth

    I subscribed to Qore so thats where I will get it and where it should be.

  • ehandlr

    I already pre-ordered so I’m good.

  • Emrah

    Checking out the footage, there’s no screen bob, you move like a hovercraft. I haven’t liked that in the first game, and I don’t like it here. If they don’t put that option, I simply won’t buy it, serious! So no pre-orders from me.. (You should understand that altough it seems simple, it is a deal breaker for me)

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    i have no idea. depends how they do it for europe. would be interested in getting in on it though.

    i was put off the mgo beta and eventually mgo because of those stupid konami ids so as long as they follow the R1 and don’t feature them then my beta experiences might improve!