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What The? PS3 Earns More for EA than 360 |

EA let loose some financials yesterday, and the results are very interesting. EA’s software sales for the PS3 between April and June 2008 increased 969% over the same period last year. The PS3 is now EA’s biggest source of gold since the beginning of 2008.

Dollar earnings per console during the quarter:

PS3 – 139 million
PC – 86 million
360 – 81 million
PS2 – 79 million
PSP – 57 million
Wii – 57 million
mobile – 44 million
DS – 21 million

The remarkable things to me are that EA didn’t publish any big title or PS3 exclusive, and that the PS3’s installed base is lower than the 360’s. Where’s all this money come from? I’d like to see a breakdown of which games helped out PS3’s huge share. And does this mean that EA will pay attention to us PS3 owners a bit more? How about giving us some timed exclusives?

PS3 games earn big bucks for EA News

Update: reading the results, it looks like these were the releases in the quarter for the PS3:

Battlefield: Bad Company

And for the 360:

Battlefield: Bad Company
Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath

  • Darrin

    One word: Europe.

    That’s my guess at least. Battlefield sold better on the 360 in the U.S, but I suspect the UEFA EURO title was a much bigger seller in Europe.

  • Mike

    So PS3 is pretty strong in Europe, huh? I never see figures consistently for anything other than the UK but I guess Reeves isn’t lying when he says PS3 is beating 360 there.

    This has to be a somewhat baffling situation for Microsoft. They’ve tanked again in Japan, but it doesn’t matter as much since that market is in a rut and they’re getting support from the publishers anyway. They’re not doing good in Europe, which is on its way to becoming the biggest market, and they don’t really have the same excuse for not doing as well there. They’ve been in third place for console sales the last three months in the U.S. – their strongest market.

    I think we’re going to see some retail pressure to make the “temporary” price drop to $299.99 stick, in the same way that PS2 ended up at $179.99 even though Sony was just clearing out stock to bundle a network adapter and the offroad game with a PS2 for $199.99.

    The feather in Microsoft’s cap right now is third party software sales in North America. Every publishers worldwide needs this market to survive, and 360 is in the best position to provide them the sales they need, hence FFXIII on 360. Wii is indirectly helping 360 – if Nintendo weren’t creating an audience that is completely oblivious to what isn’t marketed along with the system (games Nintendo publishes), this is where the big third party Japanese games would be going. It’s kind of strange really. SNES/Genesis, PSOne, and PS2 were all cash cows for third parties. Meanwhile something like Boom Blox can come out that takes advantage of the system’s modest capabilities, gets great reviews, and is roundly ignored by the soccer moms buying the system.

    I’m starting to believe the argument that best hope for quality gaming is the combined sales of 360 and PS3. If those provide more an outlet for third party games (at this point either of them alone are still better for third parties than Wii), they’ll be made for those systems. Cross-platform games have come a long way – COD4 is better than anything that wasn’t focused on one hardware platform last gen. It would be nice if Sony got more competitive with pricing in North America but at least now the situation exists where it would take a monstrous money hat to keep a game off of the system.

  • And yet we still get shoddy ports, and they recently shelved any plans for C&C on the PS3, saying that they “may” do something further down the line.

    Will this see a change in their attitude/priorities? I’m not holding my breath!

  • this is quite fascinating! i’m looking at the full chart at and noticing some things…

    * the money EA makes from x360 software sales has been dropping since summer 2008! (note: EA’s fiscal year 08 ended mar 31, 2008, so Q2 FY08 is july-sept 2008). EA sales for xbox 360 software peaked at $218 million dollars then, and have been going down since, INCLUDING CHRISTMAS ($196m).
    * ps2 made tonnes of money for EA last christmas ($301m), the highest amount on that entire chart.
    * in the quarter that just finished (Q1 FY09 = april-jun 2008), the ps2 made almost as much money for EA as the xbox360! ($79m vs $81m).

    this is worldwide, of course… even so, these results seem counterintuitive.


  • and the PSP has been making more money for EA than the DS since last xmas too. where is that coming from?

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    how about giving us some decent ports! :/

    although eurogamer’s face off showed battlefield to be even 😀 btw they’re the same developer of mirror’s edge so hopes are high. i’ll put euro face off link in shout box if not there already

  • Mike

    Well I looked at more detailed numbers on NeoGAF and it looks like Europe really is the reason.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Madden 2009. If I’m not mistaken, Madden sales actually declined last year despite the fact that EA has the NFL exclusive rights and released the game on every platform. It would be pretty bad for them for sales to decline or only remain flat considering what they must be paying to the NFL. The lack of competition has had the opposite effect of what they expected – people are simply getting tired of the same game being released each year.

    This could have some positive effects though. Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space both looking REALLY good, and it’s been a while since EA put that much effort into new IP’s that weren’t some type of EA BIG sports spinoff.

  • John

    Europe and low dollar value.

    EA is better off selling 10 games at 70€ a pop rather than 20 at $70 a pop, simply because the fixed costs means the margin on the euro side is much higher.

  • Mike

    Actually only $59.99 here (other than collector’s editions) and a lot of games don’t even stay that high for too long. Devil May Cry 4 is already $39.99 most places. Retailers just don’t have the shelf space to keep everything available forever. Publishers are kind of screwing themselves in this way – they pump so much out that nothing can retain its value for very long. The is one thing Nintendo does better. Twilight Princess is still full price everywhere because there haven’t been another two installments released since it came out. The “get a new version out every year” mentality of third parties is backfiring in some respects.

  • I wonder if this is just EA or are all other 3rd party publishers in the same situation?

  • Rui

    2 words (for me)

    Europe + Fifa08

  • Sporty

    I think it’s all down to what John said, Weak US dollar and strong EU sales. FIFA doesn’t hurt.

    Also from the Gamasutra article, PSN has lower loyalties so Rock band etc get to keep a larger portion of the sales, although I’m sure 360 has a higher volume there. And 360 has a larger back library so more competition there.

    What does surprise me is the PSP sales. You never see PSP titles making a splash in the charts regardless of the hardware sales.

  • James

    maybe its news like this that will help the PS3. EA is a huge multi-platform publisher, and if they’re making more money off of software sales for the PS3 than 360, maybe other third party developers will have more faith in the PS3, granting more exclusives, etc. 2008 is going to be PS3’s biggest year yet. Microsoft has probably been shitting themselves, with, really, the only recent good news in software for them was FFXIII going multiplatform, well, news that stood out anyway (I own both systems, but haven’t touched my 360 for a couple months, but use my PS3 everyday).

    As far as ports go, they’re getting better wuality, with most even being on par with the 360 counterpart. The best advantage would be to develop on the PS3 then port to 360, taking advantage of each system’s strong points. Focusing on the 360 first only weakened the PS3 ports because of vastly different system functions, and since the 360 is statistically easier to program for, focusing on the PS3’s version and then porting it to the easier to develop 360 would either make both games on par or the PS3’s looking better and playing better. Look at Burnout: Paradise and Battlefield: Bad Company, they’re pretty much equal.

  • matt

    I think the reason the 360 is the main platform is they are also creating a game for the PC. Combined EA makes more money from PC/360 than they do on PS3.

    I think the reason has been stated. The dollar blows and Euro and Pound are much stronger. PS3 is much stronger in Europe. I am curious to see how the next few months go because the American sports are coming out (Madden, NCAA football, NHL, NBA Live, Tiger Woods, etc.

    Ideally EA would just treat each console as seperate systems and develop them accordingly. Don’t buy crappy ports from any developer. Vote with your hard earned $. Let them know that a half-assed effort will get no support.

  • Karl

    I think people are overlooking another possible cause. Piracy!

    I know its not the only cause but if you don’t buy the game the makers don’t get money.

    Is it a coincidence the PS3 has not been hacked and earns EA 70M more in 3 months than the 360.

    Maybe creators can look at these figures and start focusing on using the PS3s potential instead of giving us cut down versions of games to make porting easier.