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Gran Turismo TV |

Tomorrow, on Friday, Gran Turismo Prologue gets Gran Turismo TV. This is a series of auto enthusiast video programming that can be purchased for $1-$2/episode.


I know we have some real auto enthusiasts on this site, so I’m curious: Is anyone excited about this? Personally, I don’t see the draw. Most GT fans that I know are excited about many other things, most specifically, having a full version of GT5 with a full selection of cars, tracks, and non-linear game progression modes.

However, Gran Turismo’s fan base has always been split between auto enthusiasts and technology fans and it’s possible that this is intended to appeal more to the former category. It’s also very possible that this is just a nice extra going in on parallel to main development efforts.

  • $2 for less than half an hour of TV show is not money wisely spent in my book. Especially when you can probably already get it in your cable programming, and you just need to remember to set your PVR to record it. (At least that’s the way it is for me.)

  • Darrin

    The price is fine. $1.99 is nothing to me and most working adults. The problem is, even if this cost nothing, I simply don’t want to watch it.

    However, it’s possible that I simply don’t understand the appeal of this, or there is a fanbase that I don’t understand.

    BTW, Cable TV + PVR + taxes/fees comes to about $90/month, even when I don’t watch it, which *is* a big deal to me.

  • I will be checking it out. I hear that the shows are only a dollar for the first two weeks. At very least it is a chance to get official copy of Top Gear episodes (rather than bootleg torrents)

    I just have basic cable and Shaw has crappy signal quality for that, so I don’t even bother recording shows on it. I’d rather pay for specific content than have a high monthly fee.

    I’m also looking forward to the changes in this major update. I sort of lost interest in GT5p the past couple months, and have been playing GRID/DIRT instead…maybe the new update will fix some of the annoyances.

  • Jay

    Anyone can get Top Gear on TV or the net for free – even abroad. I’d rather they got off their asses, stopped filming themselves at the Ferrari factory, and gave us the TG track as DLC and an online experience which isn’t appallingly bad.

  • $2 is fine for one show Darrin, but if it’s a recurring thing, there’s no way I am willing to pay $2 per episode for a TV program I can likely get for no additional cost elsewhere. $2 per episode really adds up. Especially if you’re starting to look for more content on a pay as you go method like this. And I’m one of those “working adults” you were talking about. It’s easy for you to say that as a working adult YOU can pay for it. But my guess is that you don’t have a mortgage, a wife, three kids, and two cars to support like some other adults do. So don’t dismiss my remarks so easily.

  • It’ll be nice for those in countries that don’t get to see programmes like Top Gear (which is a brilliant show) on their TV service.

    As to the cost… I can live with them charging for it. There’s only so much we can expect for free, and it must have cost them a pretty penny to license some of these shows from the respective TV networks. Those that want, pay… those that don’t, don’t.

    In my personal opinion, _this_ is exactlly the kind of thing that the store and DLC was intended for – extra value for those that want it, that the rest of us can live without if we don’t – without missing out on any aspect of the game.

    As opposed to the type of DLC for the likes of Warhawk, which adds aspects of gameplay which make _everyone_ feel like they’re missing out unless they buy it.

  • You guys just don’t get it.

    This $2 per episode is a model that companies like Sony and Apple are moving towards. At first it doesn’t seem like much. $2? Who cares. I can’t even buy a Big Mac for that much. But if I were to take all the shows I watch in a month, all the shows my wife watches, plus all the shows my three kids watch, and pay $2 per half hour episode (which is $4 for a full hour event, plus they’d charge more for HD), then I’d be in for a world of hurt. And remember, you’re paying $2 for a half hour television show that isn’t really half an hour (I’m thinking iTunes here and the regular TV programming. I don’t know what it’ll be like on GTTV). Take out all the commercials and opening and closing credits and you’re down to about 20 minutes for $2 in SD television. That translates to $12 for two hours. Which is more than a huge friggin movie with surround sound at my local cinema.

    Content providers would just love it if we swallowed the $2 pill now, because it will make it that much harder for us to demand cheaper episodes down the road when more and more of our content is bought piecemeal. They want you to get used to it. This is how they start.

    You have to refuse NOW to pay these kind of prices, otherwise it’ll never be reasonable.

  • Unless they edit Top Gear, it’ll be an hour per episode, as that’s the running time on BBC2 – which has no adverts.

  • Trieloth

    Iam a mechanic and I really liked the idea that they came up with but I wasnt excited about ‘paying’ for the TV shows.

  • Darrin

    “I’d rather they got off their asses, stopped filming themselves at the Ferrari factory, and gave us the TG track…”

    This is basically what I was thinking, I just didn’t want to say it so bluntly. 🙂

  • Ozzy

    Yeah but ur forgetting one v important thing Top Gear is awesome and finally u yanks can appreciate the awesomness that is Top Gear!

  • John

    I care about GT5, but don’t care about GTTV in the least.
    I haven’t even cared to watch the free stuff that came with Prologue. I’d rather they get moving on the tracks, collisions, AI and network lag. ’nuff said :/

  • François

    I am interested depending on the content of the shows, Professional Driving Techniques for 2$, I’m in. A video on How to tune your car for different condition, that would be nice too. Essentially, instead of buying a stategy guide, having it in a video would be of value for me.

    Another pre-requise is to have the background download enabled in the XMB for GTTV, or at least when the game is on.

    I might be interested to get a few HD episode of Top Gear or road test of cars I am really interested in.

  • James

    I’d only be interested in muscle cars and hot rods, so until GT5P and GTTV have any of those (I mean at least 5 cars) I won’t even buy the game. Also, while I’m at it, GT needs to get visual customization on the cars. I have a sweet looking 1968 Unlimited class Plymouth Barracuda on Forza 2 that has vinyls and decals to make it look like a race car, but on GT, nothing stands out and it all looks stock. I mean, I’m all for sleepers (my 1970 Chevy truck is) but this is supposed to be a racing simulator, and these ‘sims’ would be great if they used sponsors like GRID that actually pay you for winning. Drag racing also needs to be in there, esp. for hot rods and their customizations (air scoop through the hood anyone?) with different classes and stuff as well, from heads up to promod to prostreet. We should be able to give cars bigger, more powerful engines so we can see a prostreet ’69 Camaro do wheelies on launch from the insane ammount of torque.

  • mpz

    James – that is not what GT is about, go play another game if that’s what you want.

    Back ot .. I think it will be an interesting experiment, and although a few people will really get into it, I cannot see it working all that well. Having it within the game is a bit silly too – it should be part of the overall ps3 video store if they’re going to do it. I somehow doubt they will cooperate, at least at first. This will be a big impediment to it’s usefulness too – e.g. can you copy any of this stuff to a psp?

    $2/pop for a tv show is a bit of a premium for something you can just watch for ‘free’ on normal tv (i.e. the stuff people will want to watch on gttv, like top gear). And if you want to watch it earlier you already get it off the net.

  • Ah, now here’s something I hadn’t realised… what you pay is a RENTAL fee. All of the paid content currently on GTTV has a 14-day viewing limit!

    Not so good. If I were to pay for a download, I’d want to keep it for as long as I chose, and not have it deleted automatically after a set period of time. I guess I won’t be buying anything from GTTV after all.

  • west_coast_ps3

    Turns out the pay per view shows are not going to be available after all today. At least there is now background downloading for the free content.