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Download Firmware 2.42 Now

From the PlayStation Blog:

Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up that a PS3 firmware update (v2.42) is now available for download. This update improves the playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation format software.

It also supposedly makes the Trophies load a lot faster. I haven’t downloaded it yet so can’t confirm or deny this is true.

Firmware 2.42 Now Available


Firmware 2.42 is up

Firmware 2.42 is up | Go grab it! Not sure what it does yet, still downloading it. [Update – Nothing to see here, maybe prep for something to come? Life with Playstation perhaps?]

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LittleBigPlanet Tutorial Video

PS3 Fanboy put me on to this LittleBigPlanet tutorial video. Check it out! Looks like Glitch found it too (in the sidebar). 🙂

LittleBigPlanet tutorial level video and information


PlayStation Q2: Back in Black

Sony released their financial statements for Q2 2008 (fiscal Q1, calendar Q2, April through June), and it’s good to see that the PlayStation business back in the black. Sony’s gaming division made profits of ¥5.4 billion yen on revenue of ¥229.6 billion yen.


As you can see, both hardware unit sales and software unit sales are up. The report says, “Hardware sales increased while software sales decreased”. Since software unit sales were up, I assume this means that software dollar sales were down, which means that the average software selling price has dropped as they are selling more budget priced titles.


Full Sony financial statements can be found here.


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