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Square Announcements |

Two big PS3 Announcements:

  • The blu-ray movie “Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete” will come with a PS3 demo of FFXIII
  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII (this is a separate title from regular FFXIII) has been reconfirmed as a PS3 exclusive.


Also, PSP is getting Final Fantasy Agito XIII, a Kingdom Hearts title, Final Fantasy Dissidia (with console bundle), and Parasite Eve 3. Wow, that’s a lot of PSP content.

(thanks to fleakitten)

  • Pc

    AWESOME !! That’s some good news right there 🙂 Seriously though, “versus” does seem like a more interesting title than XIII itself. Seems more mysterious and darker for some reason.

  • Strange naming convention there. BTW, I don’t believe Square about any exclusivity anymore. They can reconfirm 10 times but it’s no use.

  • Bilzac

    They are supposed to be announcing a really big title for ps3 as exclusive on the 2nd day of the event.
    rumours pt towards : a- Kingdom Hearts 3
    b- Final Fantasy 7 Remake

  • Sorry Bilzac. The event is over and everyone is saying that the so-called ‘big announcement’ was the FFXIII demo on FF7:AC BR edition releasing in March in Japan.

    I’ll be importing. 😀

  • mpz

    Big announcement is a bit weak. Not that I wet my pants over final fantasy stuff, but it was definitely nothing to write home about.

    What about the fact that the ps3 euro version of 13 will be delayed until they’ve finished the 360 port? And that they haven’t even started yet?

    As usual, MS think they can buy their way to the top of any market …

  • Finally a date for Advent Children on Blu-ray and that’s great it comes with a demo! But I wish it was a FF13 versus instead.

  • ehandlr

    The 3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve 3)
    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
    FFXIII Agito

    All on PSP….is pure awesome. I’m super excited about these announcements. I’m a little bothered that FFACC is so far out….I definately will be importing if its not a worldwide release as well. I don’t see why not because most of the localization has been completed.