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PSP < iPhone < PS3 |

John Carmack, a respected authority on programming and 3D performance said this:

Taking the comparison to more current game hardware, he stated that iPhone is “more powerful than a Nintendo DS and Sony PSP combined,” perhaps even nearing the capabilities of the PS2 and original Xbox.

His point is that the iPhone should be able to host more technically sophisticated portable games and that’s great.

But on the flip side, I think it’s safe to say that the PS3 has far more horsepower than even the iPhone. So why can’t Sony put a more sophisticated web browser on the PS3? Have you used the iPhone’s web browser? It’s awesome. Clearly, the PS3 has the hardware to do something even better.


Does anyone use the PS3 browsr? The PS3 can’t use sites like Google Docs at all and has to use GMail in older browser compatibility mode. By comparison, the iPhone isn’t as nice as a PC, but it’s completely usable, and it’s great when you’re not sitting at a desk.

  • Bilzac

    lol..this sorta implys that in time iPhone = wii

  • The Claw

    I do use the PS3’s web browser occasionally but it certainly needs to be improved. I also don’t understand why Sony chose to add the “Google Search” feature to both the PSP and PS3 when both systems have an integrated browser button right above the Google Search button. That’s unusually redundant.

    As for the iPhone, it’s kind of unfortunate that it doesn’t have some sort of physical media drive or any kind of game developer support. It seems like it could be a nice handheld gaming system.

  • Thierry

    google search was added for advertising => google made a deal with sony: upload content to youtube etc. more will come soon I am sure

  • Pungyeon

    Croydon FTW!!!!


  • west_coast_ps3

    Even the DS, which is much weaker than a PSP, had Opera and could browse a lot of sites. Nintendo has since stopped selling their browser.

    I think the main reason Sony is using Netfront as the browser is cost savings. Netfront is cheap and fairly reliable. They could easily put Firefox or Opera on the PS3 / PSP but I bet it would cost quite a bit more.

    I use the PS3 browser occasionally, mostly to check movie times at the theatre or other sites that I have bookmarked.

  • mpz

    west_coast_ps3: firefox is free, but they would want to keep the source private, which they would not want to. Unfortunately.

    Still, the web is a mess of partially proprietary standards (or ‘extensions’), and this is why so many browsers suck or certain sites don’t work. Oddly, MS is a big part of the reason things are so messed up as well – they intentionally ‘broke’ the internet to lock users and developers into their platform. They are never far away from making computers more expensive or abusing users.

    I use it sometimes – if only to look up the tv guide when one of my laptops isn’t in easy reach.

  • Darrin

    Ever see Firefox run on a mobile phone or an embedded device? No. The released versions of Firefox are designed for PCs with PC-style CPU and RAM. They are actively developing a variant for embedded devices but that’s not finished yet.

    I would suspect any software needs to be highly customized to run well on PS3 hardware.

    Sony just hasn’t put much effort or resources into their browser like Apple put into WebKit and the iPhone browser. I think that’s a mistake as a high quality web browser would be a major new use for the PS3.

  • Pc

    Uhhhh, and how is the iphone more powerful than the PSP ? It’s processor is faster or something ? I know that my psp has more functionality than a iphone…maybe not by much, but it’s a hell of alot better for gaming !

  • Pc

    Ohhhh, and one more thing……The PSP has more, or the same amount of processing power that the PS2 has, therfore this guy knows nothing. I sure as hell know that the PSP does alot more things than the PS2 also.

  • Darrin

    Yeah, I thought that it was pretty accepted that the PSP was just short of the PS2 in terms of overall horsepower. That’s fairly clear with PS2 franchises like GTA/God of War. This doesn’t really agree with what Carmack is being cited as saying. Joystiq/engadget may simply be misrepresenting the original quote.

  • Darrin… there actually is current development for Firefox on mobile devices, like Windows Mobiles, Pocket PC etc.

    And Sony would actually only need to release the code they changed in Firefox, nothing else. Firefox runs very good on low end systems with little RAM. So there’s a possibility right there.

    And PSP being nigh on as fast as the PS2… Comparing GTA and GoW yields your results, and they aren’t nice… Those games look 10 times as good on PS2. Not saying they look bad… In GTA, there are much less cars driving around, in GoW less enemies on screen, etc… Still, the PSP is very able hardware.

  • Darrin

    Isn’t that what I said: “They are actively developing a variant for embedded devices but that’s not finished yet.”

  • Ah, sorry, I didn’t read that correctly^^

  • You still need to program a web rendering engine Webkit,(Safari) or Gekko ( Firefox) to run on a cell processor. Other enabling technologies that make the web run also need to be ported over and then supported. Quicktime, Flash, Windows codecs, Silverlight all of these things need to be ported over to run on and with the Sony OS. I know that someone has prorted LINUX to run on the Cell but I’m unsure if there is a program to port Linux releases onto the Sony PS3 OS.
    I’m surprised that Sony doesn’t have a good web browser, but then again it shows the blindspot that Sony has. Sony does not get online. They are afraid of it.
    But it will be the reason a games console wins this generation.

  • hobbes

    guys, i’ve got the iphone, and it’s super super slow with games, can’t see how the process for the iphone simply doesn’t seem to stand up to the psp’s

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    the google search tool was a neat idea as it launch the web app as well as search.

    i never use the browser myself. i always have my mac next to me when i game for IMs, browsing etc so i never need to quit the game. its nice to have it there. i will use it for tv as its hooked up to my hd tv and my mac screen is smaller but i’ll have to wait for when the iplayer works. has anyone tried 4OD in england? might have to give that a go.

  • This is what I heard about the PSP’s power. It’s not that it’s almost as powerful as a PS2. That’s not the case. What it can do is produce graphics that are almost as good as a PS2’s, but at the lower resolution screen that the PSP uses. The PSP doesn’t have to push as many pixels as the PS2 does, so that’s a huge advantage for the PSP right there. Add to that the slightly lower quality of graphics, and you have a machine that is capable of good stuff but is still significantly slower than the PS2.

    Regarding PSP < iPhone < PS3: I have all three, and frankly I don't play games on either the PSP or iPhone. Why? I'm rarely in a position where I need mobile entertainment. I don't ride the bus, I don't wait around for much stuff. If I'm at home, I'd much rather play a game on my PS3. Actually, I used to use my PSP a lot for checking e-mail and RSS feeds. But now that I have my iPhone, my PSP is falling into disuse. It's still nice for going to the PSN store and starting downloads.

  • Jerry

    Is this article a hint that Apple Should mac Safari available on the PS3 and start developing stuff with sony. JK I wish though. Just so I could see Bill Gates Shit his Pants.