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LittleBigPlanet Only Possible on PSN |

lbp_pouch-1.pngIn a case where Darrin’s point is being made for him, here’s an article that talks about the freedom that Sony gives its developers is what makes LittleBigPlanet possible in the first place. There’s no way a closed system like Xbox Live would support the user-created content that is LittleBigPlanet’s main focus. I wonder if the (assumed) success of this game will change Microsoft’s mind?

That’s not as far-fetched as you may think. Microsoft is famous for seeing others doing things and copying it. Almost everything they do is like that, in fact. So if they see how well user-created content works for Sony, they just might open up the vault a little bit and allow some of their own. My feeling, though, is that it’ll be too little too late.

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  • ehandlr

    There is no assumed success imho. this game is going to sell a ton. I’d even venture to say it will dethrone MGS4 in sales.

  • That sounds like you’re assuming to me. Everything at this point is an assumption or prediction or a possibility.

  • ehandlr

    lol its was more of sarcasm/exaggeration. I know the definition of assume 😛

  • Rjcc

    Yeah, I think Microsoft will copy littlebigplanet. It’s not like the most played game on XBL published by microsoft ships with a level editor, tools for sharing levels, videos and sorting them both in game and via the web, or that it’s opened up the system for developers to make their own games from scratch and has announced that the upcoming update will let any system owner download those games.

    nope, no user-created content on xbox live.

    the article points out that user created content is central to halo and forza, but dismisses it as hypocritical without going into the key differences between halo/forza’s approach, UT3’s, and why one was allowed and one wasn’t. I know i know, everyone wants mods, but there’s intelligent argument to be made for them and this isn’t it. the entire idea that this “forces microsoft’s hand” is silly.

  • User created content in Halo 3 is what, the Forge? Where you can move items around and specify weapons and whatnot? I would hardly consider that user created content.

  • Bilzac

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  • mpz

    I predict some sort of viva pinata themed knock-off. Or a ‘mii’ one.

    It’ll be something that wont really appeal to kids nor adults, be over-controlled, but it will be championed by the fans anyway, and ultimately only reach mediocre success.

  • Threespeech has just revealed the cover art for the UK version of LBP!

    It looks great and sort of captures the chaotic fun that is (or probably will be) LBP.

  • JimmyStewart

    I don’t really think the game will have that much impact with regards to XBox Live being ‘closed’. I know this will probably be an uphill stance to take on a PS3 gaming site but I don’t really see the benefit in it. I heard a lot about the issue when UT3 was slowly being made for the 360. I know the Epic guys liked to bring it up a lot and it started a lot of fanboys using this as an issue online. But I don’t think for the vast majority of gamers that we really care.

    It reminds me of the PC gaming days. Sure at first it was great fun to see mods for Doom that could change the game into just about everything. And I even remember some great Half-Life mods. After that I mostly lost interest in the whole idea. I briefly tried to use some of the character skins and models for one of the Unreal Tournaments but with the success of the game and the internet quality control was all over the place and that killed almost all of the appeal to me. Maybe it’s because the PC market dried up and I moved to consoles but I haven’t considered using any “user-created content” in ages (with the exception of the Doom 3 flashlight mod).

    Second, I think we might be jumping the gun… A LOT to start to think of what LBP is doing and the modding scene on the PC. LBP seems a lot closer to forge than it does to any really useful and/or important “user-created content”. They both seem mostly superficial at best… and they’re both features that really don’t appeal to me. Sure I had fun messing around in Forge for 20-30 minutes and I’m sure I’ll do the same with these features in LBP… but what’s going to make or break the game to me isn’t the user created content, it’s the professionally created content. It’s hard to say for sure but I see a lot of levels being thrown together and flooding the PSN. When you have this sort of open system you get one of two gems thrown in the midst of a ton of garbage.

    And finally… let’s be careful before we point too closely at how much Microsoft likes to steal ideas. Personally I think they’re destroying the 360 by attempting to cash in on the Wii audience. But that’s neither here nor there. I think it’s a bit much to be running a PS3 site and mention any other company being famous for copying ideas. Be it the online service, downloadable games, the built-in hard drive, the video store or the trophies… and that’s just from the MS side. Don’t get me started on the motion controller. I’m actually more and more on the PS3s side these days, but let’s not kid ourselves… all these companies are doing their fair share of borrowing ideas from each other no one is any more or less famous than anyone else, though I would have to tip my hat to Sony if we were voting on it.

    In short, there are quite a few things I’d like to see Sony learn from MS in the online department and there are quite a few things I’d like to see MS take from Sony. I’d love to see XBLA take a cue from Sony’s far more generous DRM. I’d love to see the PSN allow you to re-download TV shows so you can save your HD space. I’d love to see MS adopt Sony’s price for online multiplayer and I’d love to see Sony adopt the unified structure of XBox Live. But at the end of the day, do I care one bit about user created content? Not at all… that’s an idea that so far I think is best left on the dying PC gaming market.