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Bionic Commando Rearmed Tonight! |

This game comes out tonight in the U.S., with both a free demo and a full version for $10.


I haven’t played this yet, but here are some good reasons to be excited:

  1. Great Classic: This is a great choice for a remake. The NES original was awesome.
  2. New technology: Fancy physics engine, enemy AI, flashy 3D graphics tech. This tech is common among recent big budget 3D titles, but I’ve never seen such new technology and high quality production values used on a 2D sidescroller. I remember a Contra sequel for the PS2, which was great, but this looks like a much better game, with much newer tech, and it’s $10 rather than $40.
  3. Extras: Local co-op play, new weapons, new bosses, new effects.
  4. Cheap: $10 for a full game like this? That’s a steal!

PSN is really rocking lately: PixelJunk Eden, Siren Blood Curse, and now this, all within a month time frame? Wow!

  • Okay, what am I doing wrong? I can’t even get past the first stage of the tutorial! I hit the three squares with my bionic arm, and then I can’t get out of there!!

  • Figured it out. Have to press UP on the D-Pad. How was I supposed to know?

    And demo game just crashed on me in the leaderboards!

  • Not in Europe, sadly 🙁

    But, we got Driver (even Germany!!!), bought it right away… Sadly, BC will surely not be released in Germany, thus I have to buy it from the US store 🙁

  • Trieloth

    This game rocks! I played for 6 hours straight last night. I want Strider remade now :).
    yea, henning the demo leader boards freeze up, but the full game version it dont.