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July Hardware Sales |


  • Bilzac

    2 Things

    1) Haha VGchartz and patcher..u were wrong

    2) OFF TOPIC, BUT GUYS I REALLY NEED URE HELP. I’M TRAVELLING FROM UAE TO CANADA(MY PS3 is PAL) i just wanted to know if i’d need a step-up converter or not. Coz my friend who has a NTSC Ps3 doesnt use anythin over here. Just Wondering THX TO anyone who respnds btw :D:D

  • mpz

    All the psu’s are switchmode/universal aren’t they? Should just need another localised kettle-cord/pc cable/IEC cable to connect it.

    And HDMI isn’t pal/ntsc anymore either, so that should work too if you have a HD set, but the last question below mentions you could have issues if you don’t.

    You wont be able to play ntsc ps2 games though, if your system plays any ps2 games that is. And movies will be region-locked as well.

    I found some more here, it’s talking about going the other way but most of it is interchangeable:

  • nirts

    you will need a converter. in canada its is 60 hertz and 110 volts. while in UAE is 50 hertz with 220 volts. also check the back of the ps3 see if it will take in 60 hertz and 110 volts. some electronics can do that now.

    my ps3 says 120 volts 60 hertz.

  • ano

    On a US 40GB PS3 I purchased for a friend in Europe, he connected it directly to the wall 220V/50Hz without any problems. I was like OMG, you did what? Then I procedeed with amazement that it works…. even though it only is rated for 110V/60Hz on the box.

  • dream

    this is all bull

  • Again… the PS3s PSU is universal. It can use both 60HZ 110V and 50HZ 230V

  • Bilzac

    from my experience even i know for a fact that NTSC ps3’s work without a converter like the 40gb over here. I was just wondering if its the same for PAL ps3s in the states

  • Bilzac

    oh and thx for the responses guys

  • Abdulelah

    Big “thank you” to VGcharts…

    for coming up with these funny faked statistics…

  • ehandlr

    the chart says NPD and Mediacreate…not VGChartz…

  • Abdulelah


    yep.. thats correct buddy….

    VGchartz published fake results stating that xbox did over come PS3 in July…

    and this is why I sent a big thank you to them ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ehandlr

    360 did outsell the PS3 this week in japan at least thanks to Tales of Vesperia. However the 360 only sold 24k units.

  • Abdulelah

    lets wait for MediaCreate report next month ๐Ÿ™‚