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Burnout Paradise coming to PSN |

I’m tempted to sell my copy of Burnout and get the download version. But it depends how big the game will be. No release date yet, but it will be $29.99. It will include all the free updates so far to.

I’m impressed all the support this game is getting. Now that I’ve finally beat MSG4 I have time for other games, so I’ll be playing this again soon. And there is more updates coming this year.

This is the complete transformation of Burnout. That means you’ll see new game modes, new vehicles including motorcycles, day / night gameplay, weather, a huge new island play area, stacks of new challenges and maybe even aircraft!

Burnout Paradise – coming to PSN

  • ehandlr

    I’m loving the full size game digital distribution myself. With the price of SATA HDD’s may be time to upgrade from 250gigs to a terabyte.

  • How much can the PS3 handle? Highest I’ve heard is 750GB.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    i don’t understand why you would download this instead of getting a physical copy. seems silly to me as it takes up hard drive space which, lets face it, is needed for game installs now. plus you’re able to trade/sell it later on.
    its cool that they are giving us the option now though. i’m intrigued to see what the bike crashes are like after hearing about them. anyone know of some videos of that?

  • ehandlr

    I completely prefer digital copies of games for games like this. $30 extensive games that are just plain fun. $60 games I’d still like the hard copy of so that I can trade it in like you say.

    And I didn’t know there was a limit Tosh. I don’t understand why a physical limit would be set…I’m not the biggest computer guy…but I think Sony would have to purposely set the limit…like go out of their way to restrain it.

  • Ya, I’d like to upgrade my hard drive later. I have a 250 GB I think now. But with all these cool downloadable games coming its going to fill up and I keep a lot of movies on my ps3 too.