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Slice & Dice Console Sales Data |

I’ve manually compiled console sales data from NPD and Media Create and loaded it into an online database at Zoho DB.

Anyone can browse the data and view the charts and reports that I already setup. Where this gets really interesting, is if you have a Zoho login (it’s free), you can design your own reports off of the live database. They have some really easy to use drag & drop report designer tools and you can create any type of chart or report you can imagine off of the data available. If you have database experience, you can even write your own custom SQL queries directly against this data.

There are several other video game sales chart + data sites popping up, but most merely let you view pre-made charts or reports. Sites like vgchartz take it a little further and offer very limited report designer capabilities. What I like about this system is that users have full access to the data (even direct SQL) and you can design any type of report that you imagine. Also, all data in this database is flagged with a data source, so users can filter out any untrusted or unwanted sources from their reports. Currently, I only have NPD data and Media Create data, but if I can get more data that might not be as universally accepted, this would be a very useful option.

Currently, I have the following data loaded:

  1. Monthly NPD data from the November 2006 to the present. Thanks to vgsales wikia
  2. Weekly Media Create data loaded from January 2003 to the present. Thanks to

The number one thing that I would like to do is add more data: Older NPD data, and Europe data. I also have access to Famitsu data, but this is redundant with MediaCreate data. It might be worth adding anyway.

(The above reports are a little skewed, as there is more historic data from Japan going back to 12/2004 while NPD data goes back to 11/2006. Unfortunately, I can’t find any data for Europe or other territories. If you know of a good source, let me know!)

UPDATE: Got full MediaCreate data back to 1/2003

  • Hey that’s really cool! Maybe Famitsu has an archive?

  • darrin

    Thanks Henning. I’d love to find the Famitsu archive. I know the Media Create sales data figures are public, but I don’t know of a good source to get them from.

  • darrin

    Woah! Full MediaCreate + Famitsu sales data is pre-parsed form, right Here! This way easier than manually cleaning the data from individual pages.

    I’ll get this loaded when I have a break.

  • Hello, I just came across this blog entry. This Zoho DB application is very neat and the ability to create charts is fantastic (though I’m having trouble exporting as images). I think I might use some of the charts on the vgsales site.

    Do you have some script that automatically updates the database or how exactly do you enter in the new data?

    November 2006 was the earliest month that NPD officially released full console sales publicly. Before that, very rarely they would state a particular console’s sales (like if it had a price cut). However, their monthly reports were almost regularly leaked. They can be found online. I have decided not to include them.

    However, you can get some older sales information from the company’s official financial reports. Nintendo separates theirs into Americas, Japan, and Others.