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GC 2008: New PS3 Bundle |

160GB with Uncharted and a voucher for the PSN game PAIN. $499 this Fall.


I like how they worded this on the official site:

“The 160GB PS3 has all of the same functionality as the new 80GB PS3 that’s popping up on retailer shelves now, but obviously has twice the HDD space”

Translation: Same limitations as the old 40GB unit. No PS2 compatibility whatsoever, only two USB ports rather than four, no integrated flash card reader, and no SACD support. OK, I don’t think anyone cares about SACD support, but many enthusiasts including myself really want the other extras. I know I can buy a separate PS2 and USB extenders and external flash readers, but that sucks. It really does. I assume they are pulling the older 80GB SKUs off the market as well. I can’t complain too much since I still have my near-launch 60GB model (with a 250GB HDD) but I’m less enthusiastic about other people picking up these units.

I’m normally not one to be negative, as the PS3 is awesome overall, and video games are better than ever, but I’m not going to pull punches on this one. This really sucks.

On the bright-side, the new PS3 units have been using the smaller, cooler 65nm process for CPU manufacturing and these new units may be the first to have 65nm GPUs. This isn’t confirmed, but they’ve previously said that GPU manufacture would upgrade to 65nm process this fall so the timing is right.

  • I regularly use the memory card readers. It’s too bad they’re doing away with that. I also use the backwards compatibility, so I’m doubly glad that I have a first-gen PS3. I just hope it doesn’t fail on me!

  • I use the memory card readers all the time too. That how I back up my saves sometimes. I rarely use the backwards compatibility, but when I do it’s nice to have!

  • mcloki

    I rarely use the backwards compatibility, and I think I’ve used the card reader once. Is till think the price is high. I am running out of space on my 60 gig hard drive though. I may buy a larger one and upgrade. Qore sucks up a lot of space and lately so are all the demos. I need space for R&C QFB this week and i heard that that is one large download. I try and stream my media from my Mac for the most part using MediaLink. It works quite well so my drive isn’t being filled up with a lot of media. I do think the price is way to high.
    And they should start throwing in the Bluetooth remote with the higher capacity PS3’s. What better way to control all of those downloaded movies and TV shows. The PS3 is a media center, Sony should start to talk it up.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    i’m glad i have BC as i wouldn’t of been able to play through resident evil 4 recently. always good to have 4 USB ports too. i guess it sucks for these new owners but they should of got their act together at the start and paid more for the console straight away like myself and other members on the site have done. so i won’t be losing any sleep for their decisions. 🙂

  • That’s another thing I forgot. I use all 4 of my usb ports. I wish I had 5 total actually (1 in the rear). Because when I play Tekken on my arcade stick I need to unplug something.

    For the curious I have the following hooked up all the time:

    USB cable for charging DS3
    USB cable for charging headset
    PS Eye
    External Hard Drive (not always turned on but plugged in via usb)

  • My external drive uses 2 usb ports for power, leaving me with 2 usb ports still. I hope it doesn’t die on me, either.

  • Jay

    Scoured stores for two weeks to get one of the last BC 60GBs, Have used BC once in 15 months – and that was just to try it out and see how it works.

    Spent all my PS3 time playing all sorts of PS3 games……go figure.