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Heavy Rain Trailer |

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It looks exactly like I expected. An updated version of Indigo Prophecy with dramatically improved visuals and technology. Unfortunately, the trailer highlights the notorious Quick Time Events. Does anyone not dislike those things?

  • John

    The main reason for which I dislike QTEs is that you’re so concentrated on the little button symbols you oftimes can’t even give a good look at the animation.

  • QTE provide a different type of gameplay. I don’t think giving her standard moves would comply with the cinematic feel of the game. It would be like resident evil or something. If the action went on without quicktime events and just cutscenes, it would be a cutscene game. The ratio of quicktime events vs standard gameplay may be very important tho.

  • ehandlr

    QTE’s do give a more realistic movement option to a game. Basically bc the moves are scripted and your just choosing A, B or C. I like them and from the video they do seem challenging at times.

  • Franklin

    If QTEs are thrown in every once in a while, I don’t mind. They keep you on your toes. But if you have to do a bunch in a row and fail one and have to start from the very beginning again, they can get annoying. I thought Resident Evil 4 and Shenmue used them well.

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  • Trigga_Tybalt


    back on topic.. like john said QTEs are defo annoying as you can’t watch what’s happening. i liked heavy rain’s approach by placing them in the action instead of along the bottom like in fahrenheit (euro title of the 1st game). i remember not knowing what the hell was going on during that final fight thanks to that. i’m remaining skeptical of heavy rain though as i fahrenheit had its moments but overall it wasn’t amazing. lets hope there’s no kid sneaking sections…