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GC 2008: PS3 Controller gets Wireless Keypad |

I’m not sure if I’ll get this or not. The only game I’d use it with is MGO. And I already have a bluetooth keyboard. It’s out in late November. Maybe just in time for Home? I can see it being more useful there. It’s nice that it has a dedicated friends and message box buttons though.

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  • Cool.

    I think.

    I already have a largish bluetooth keyboard but I rarely use it because it’s … well … largish. And I don’t play online with friends much. Doh!

  • Darrin

    I already have a nice PS3 bluetooth keyboard, but this is a great alternative to offer.

  • mcloki

    It’s a nice idea depending on cost. I rarely use my USB keyboard with my ps3. Usually I just use the slow on screen keyboard. But I can see a use for it. HOME being the obvious use for it.

  • Pc

    I actually would like to have something like this, especially now that you can send messages while in-game ! It all depends on how it makes the controller feel (weight wise).

  • mpz

    Well at least it’s rather prettier than the fugly xbox one.

    But I can’t see how it would be easy to type on, my wrists hurt just thinking about it. But maybe it’s more ergonomic than it looks.

  • JimmyStewart

    Sheesh, and to think I was just reading a previous post on this site accusing MS for being “famous” for taking other companies ideas. I’d say stealing ideas from others is yet another thing that Sony does better than Microsoft, I think in that we can all agree. I think as the 360 seems to be trying to follow the Wii in what I see as a horrible move, the PS3 seems to be stepping in to pick up the slack. It might still be lacking in the games dept but the hardware (both in terms of peripherals and system updates) just keeps getting better.

    As far as this one goes… I didn’t buy it on the 360, I have less reason to buy it on the PS3. I’ll stick to the USB keyboard. I’ve got to completely disagree with it being prettier than the 360 version. I don’t think either of them really add to the appearance of the controller, but the 360 seems like a more natural fit. I’d never use the term “fugly” to describe it at least… something I’m not so quick to say about the PS3 version.

  • I haven’t got a usb keyboard nor a bluetooth one. Up until now I have been happy enough to just use the keyboard on th XMB.

    But I’ll buy this one when it comes out. That is, if I think the price is allright, ofcourse.

    I don’t think this is ripping of Microsoft. I mean, then every keyboard would be a ripoff of the original keyboard. That in itself would be a ripoff of a typewriter.

    Come on, this is just mini-mini keyboard that appears to be extremely handy because it attaches to the PS3 controller, just like Microsofts keyboard attaches to the Xbox 360 controller.

    But the Sony keyboard might just be a tad better, because of the dedicated buttons and the ability to transform into a touchpad.

    Oh, and because its bluetooth enabled it also works with some mobiles/cell phones and smart pads and the like.

  • Pc

    Whwn does this thing come out ?

  • All they have said is late November so far. I’m guessing when Home finally in the Open Beta.