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New Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm trailer |

The free roaming part looks great. I’m going to be picking this up later this year. Just a reminder you can choose Japanese or English voices. But who in there right mind would want to listen to the English voices!

  • mcloki

    This game looks spectacular. The demo plays great. I didn’t really know there was a free roaming part. Things are looking up for the next generation RPG’s/action RPG’s.
    The Japanese voices vs American Voices thing bothers me a bit. I find when I’m rewarding the subtitles I’m missing the visual aspect of the story. SO I will be going English. I don’t watch the show so it won’t matter to me. i won’t know what i’m missing.
    But to spice up the boards a bit, I’ll just call you out as being an elitist gamer. ;-).
    Always good hearing from you.
    This game engine looks so good I wonder if they could use it to actually shoot the TV show. The character models are very nice. I’d love to see more titles use this type of engine. Dark Cloud 3 comes instantly to mind. Rouge Galaxy 2 would make good use of it as well.

  • I’m just used to reading subtitles so I don’t feel like I’m missing the action at all. Plus Japanese voice actors > English voice actors for the most part.

    But ya I would love to see this engine applied to BLEACH!!

    BTW I like your Avatar 🙂 I need to find a better Wolverine pic ..

  • mcloki

    I drew this back in high school. I was a huge John Byrne X-men Fan. So yes It’s a copy. Imitate the masters, it’s a good way to learn.
    Speaking of avatars. I hope Sony allows customizable avatars and doesn’t default to using your HOME avatar. And they need to allow Game avatars in Home. Like Sackboy or Kratos, Stormtroopers.

    I’ve never gotten into Bleach. but it’s coverage is sporadic here in Toronto. But I think this engine could bring a ton of anime to life in video game format. Full Metal Alchemist would look great. So would Slayers, Maybe Macross.

  • Can I see the full version of that Wolverine art?

  • ehandlr

    Its ashame of no online….but i’m getting this for sure.

  • It looked good without the exploration aspect, now, this seems like even more fun.

  • It was going to be a choice between ninja storm, and the second installment of rise of a ninja on 360…

    Lets see…

    Namco/Bandai made this one.

    Ubisoft is making the 360 Naruto game.

    Namco > Ubisoft.

    =Ninjastorm > Rise of a Ninja.

  • Franklin

    Awesome trailer. Hey mcloki, is there a downloadable demo I’m missing out on or did you just play it at a convention or something? By the way, that’s really cool of them to put the Japanese voices into the game, especially since I used to watch the show subtitled.

    I’m sure there are a lot of Naruto fans that want to pick a PS3 up for games like this…