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You know, i’s cool that there are widgets and apps and iPhone apps and whatnot revolving around keeping you up to date with your Xbox Live friends. Say you want to do some gaming online, and you want to know if any of your friends are there already. Do you need to turn on your 360? No? Just pull your iPhone out of your pocket and see if any of your friends online. Then you can decide whether you want to get the 360 machine up and humming.

This is all possible through the fact that Microsoft puts gamer information online for people to consume. Anyone can write an app that’ll poll the status of an Xbox gamer. It's a shame that Sony doesn’t do the same thing. The closest they have is a PSN – PSU link that requires logging in TWICE before you can see your friends online. Even then, you can’t send them messages or anything.

Man, if Sony made this kind of thing available, I'd boot up my Mac an make an iPhone app just for this purpose.

Mmmmm… two great tastes in one: PS3 and iPhone! Wouldn’t that be chewy!

  • Maybe you could contact Sony and get the info you need to create that! 🙂

  • Pffft! Who would I contact that would actually listen to me?

    Sony’s a big faceless corp who doesn’t like to be touched by faceless peons like moi.

  • D.Vader

    I am 100% positive this sort of functionality is coming. When it comes to adding features to a console, no one has done more then Sony.

    v2.42 of the firmware update is only the beginning. I would imagine before too long there will be a PSN API similar to Google maps.

  • D.Vader

    “Pffft! Who would I contact that would actually listen to me?

    Sony’s a big faceless corp who doesn’t like to be touched by faceless peons like moi.”

    If all the Xboxers had that attitude they wouldn’t have these great widgets. If you know anything about coding, make it happen.

  • darrin

    I’m sure that they will provide public data service APIs, it’s an obvious move, it’s just a question of when… They have just been slow at this kind of thing.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    i’m pretty sure they said they would eventually make it possible when they launched the PSU one? i could be wrong though. would be nice to check out what my friends are doing when i’m not at my ps3 though..

  • D.Vader: give me a name and I will!

  • Speaking of Sony being unreachable, where do we report to Sony about bugs, that of XMB? (I found out about a small bothersome glitch about video playback)

  • iFlash

    I am gonna have to say MS is a Giant software company..they might know a thing or two about software.

  • Børten
  • Do people really need such functionality, though? Gamercards etc. yes, maybe. But seeing who’s online via your phone?

    If you’re considering playing online, it’s highly likely you’re at home. In which case, is it _really_ that much of a chore to press a few buttons to flick the TV over, turn on the console, and sign in to see who’s online? So much so that you need to be able to do it from your phone, which probably takes an equivalent number of button presses?

    The people who make use of such a function are either nuts about gadgets and do it “just because I can”, or incredibly lazy couch potatoes. “Oh, I want to play online, but I don’t know if my friends are on. And my controller is aaallllllll the way over there on the other side of the room, and I really don’t want to get up!”

  • You’re not looking beyond your own nose. You should consider the idea that people have circumstances where this might be useful.

    For example:

    1) In my case, I have my PS3 connected to my stereo. In order for me to use my PS3 I have to turn on my PS3, my TV, and my home theater, which includes my receiver and an amp. All that to just go online and find out no friends are online? I’d rather save the wear and tear and electricity by checking on my iPhone.

    2) It’s not inconceivable that apps like this would allow you to send PSN messages. You could send messages to others without having to use your PS3.

    Two very good uses for an app like this. I’m sure there are others.

  • It’s not that I can’t see beyond my own nose – I just think you/we are venturing into gadget overkill.

    For your first point: Why do you have to turn on everything? Why can’t you just turn on the TV and PS3? If you’re only checking to see who’s online, you surely don’t NEED to turn on all that audio equipment. You can turn the rest on once you know your friends are online. My PS3 is also connected to my stereo, but I don’t need to turn on the stereo to use the PS3.

    I must also confess that I struggle to understand why people buy such equipment if they’re concerned about the electricity it uses. I wouldn’t, just as I wouldn’t buy a Hummer if I were concerned about the price of petrol.

    For your second point: Since you’re using your phone anyway… why not just give them a call and see if they’re planning to go online? It’s quicker, simpler, and quite possibly cheaper than using web apps on your phone. And you can already send messages to others without using your PS3… it’s called SMS! (That isn’t intended in a sarcastic tone, by the way.)

    Besides, if you sent someone a PSN message via your phone, chances are you’d still need to turn on your PS3 to read their reply anyway. Not to mention the fact that your associated charges for using the web app and bandwidth could quite possibly exceed the cost of electricity you saved by not turning on your PS3 in the first place.

    I’m sure there are good uses for such apps, but for me, those you’ve listed aren’t among them. As long as you’re at home, turning on the console is by far the quickest, simplest and (probably) cheapest method.

  • Again, you don’t see that others may do things differently than you do:

    1) I use my HT sound system for sound. So when I choose the PS3 macro on my remote, it turns on everything. Even if I added another macro for turning on just the video, my TV (and PS3) is still being turned on and off unnecessarily. That’s wear and tear I especially don’t want to place on the lamp, IF IT’S NOT NEEDED. Ditto for all the other components.

    2) The idea of having a HT is to enjoy it, not to waste electricity and wear and tear when I don’t have to. You’re gonna criticize me for wanting to conserve my system? That’s a good one.

    3) Why should I bother a friend of mine with a phone call when I can just check with my webapp?

    4) I don’t pay for SMS, it’s the ultimate gouge.

    5) Everything I do that’s web-related on my iPhone is well within my monthly allowance. I won’t get charged extra for using an app like this.

    6) You last point is by far the worst. How is it quicker for me to go to my home theater room, find the remote, turn on the PS3, wait for everything to power up, navigate to the friends item, and check? When I can just pull the iPhone, which is already on, out of my pocket, start the app, and voila!?

    Really. If you don’t need an app like this, don’t get it. But don’t be telling me that I shouldn’t.

  • Burten

    Whats the big harm in having a PSN App?
    the AppStore is filled with “useless” apps. That is for the common bunch, but for some these apps are really just what they need.
    Soo if Henning wants to create a PSN App, go ahead.

    I´ll use it!
    And thats one download 😉

  • It looks like you can see the online status of your friends by using the official PS3 forum site. A bit of work with WireShark and you could figure out what cookies you need to send to get to that page…the iPhone could probably do the HTTP request needed, then it is a simple matter of parsing the response.

  • I wouldn’t know where to begin using a tool like WireShark. Sniffing web packets doesn’t sound like a lot of fun!

  • west_coast_ps3

    Its actually very easy – WireShark is the evolution of Ethereal. You just start the program, turn on capture, open a browser, go to the site in question. Then go to WireShark and stop the capture. Filter by the site you were at. There should only be a couple packets – right click and follow the stream to see the request and response in a single window. Cookies are usually pretty obvious.

    There is also a tool from Microsoft called Fiddler ( that is even easier to use.

  • Speedracer1955

    And what would you do when you find out at 30k feet inside an airplane that your arch rival is online kickin the holy crap out of your clan??? And your clan is waiting for you to come and save the day??? Unless the game has a client to play on the iPhone then it really only makes sense, but just so you can send e-mail through the PSN network, Sony has there own phones that could do that…

  • Please read comments above.