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New Blu-ray movies for the week 8.25.08 |

Wow, tons of Blu-ray titles to pick from and Heroes is finally on Blu-ray. Anything for you?

* Action Starter Pack (Miami Vice / End of Days / U-571)
* The Adventures of Robin Hood
* Afro Samurai: Season One – Director’s Cut
* Blue Man Group: How to Be a Megastar Live!
* Dude, Where’s My Car?
* End of Days
* Guge: The Lost Kingdom of Tibet
* Heroes: Season 1
* Heroes: Season 2
* Miami Vice (Unrated Director’s Edition)
* The Nightmare Before Christmas
* Ocean Oasis (IMAX)
* Pale Rider
* Postal
* Redbelt
* The Secret
* U-571
* What Happens in Vegas

  • I’m looking forward to Heroes – depending on the price ofcourse.

  • Nightmare is a great movie… but I’ll wait and check the quality, because if not, the DVD for 5€ is more than enough…

  • Gary

    Anybody seen Redbelt?

  • I haven’t, it does seem interesting though.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    i liked season 1 of heroes but never got into the 2nd, is it any good?
    miami vice. that would make a good blu-ray considering its all filmed in hd. good movie too 😉

  • I liked Season 2, I’m looking forward to the 3rd Season.