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Rumor – Firmware 2.5 details |

Some guys over at CVG said a “source” told them the firmware 2.5 will included a screen capture feature. Which a couple games have already, like Resistance 1 & Metal Gear Online. Hopefully this is truely built into the firmware unlike the youtube video upload feature which is up to the developer to implement. Anything else you want to see the in the next firmware update?

I would like the following:

* Option for a custom PSN ID image
* IM type feature for communication instead of “e-mailing” back and forth basically.
* In Game Voice chat
* Display Profile quicker
* Be able to save different wireless access points, the psp can.
* Register multiple bluetooth devices like keyboards or headsets and store them so you can switch between them. Cell phones can even do this.

First PS3 firmware 2.5 details

  • Trieloth

    At least peoples wish list is get’n alot smaller. All I want is different avatars and in game chat.

  • John

    A better webbrowser would be a godsend. Even the Nintendo DS’s has a better browser than the PS3 (and improve the “thing” that serves as a sorry excuse of a browser in the PSP as well…)

  • I knew I forgot something, ya the browser needs to be improved a lot. Sometimes I can’t even view 3 “tabs” at once sometimes.

  • Anders

    I want better music experience.

  • PostBB

    I agree:

    1. Better music experience. At least be able to show artist when grouping by album. Also a album view visualization would be nice.

    2. Better browser. At least Get rid of the play multimedia question!

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    more/custom avatars are something i have wanted for a long, long time so that would be great to see. everyone has that black cat face its a bit boring…
    profiles are mega slow to load, especially now with trophies but i’m not sure how they can make that load faster?
    those are the two from your list that matter most to me. i can see multiple bluetooth being useful but at least the in-game XMB allows us to add news ones.

    i would like to see what games my friends play. maybe have your PSN profile contain a list of your games. in theory it could do this through scanning your game saves? and then be allowed to sort your friends by games they own so you can find which ones you can play that game with. does that make sense to you guys? cause i start to forget which friends are playing what and it makes it hard to organize games together with them.

    would also be nice if we could send save files say of replays or created characters to each other as attachments in the messages too.

  • Ya, it bugs me when I go to a flash page it asks EVERY time if I want to enable it. Umm ya, just like last time.

    I completely agree with you Trigga_Tybalt on the PSN profile list of games. I’ve had this thought in the past. I’d also like a notes option so I can at least make notes on each person so I know what they play who they are, etc. Because it hard to keep track at times.

  • James

    1. Skype
    2. Skype
    3. Skype

    That’s all 🙂

  • darrin

    Good ideas. I’m definitely a fan of pretty much everything that everyone mentioned. I think better browser is my #1, especially with so many cell phones having better browsers. Gecko (Firefox) has shipped embedded (non-PC) versions of their browser and WebKit (Safari) has been shown on non-Apple phones (good sign it’s not permanently tied to Apple)

    Custom PSN picture, I disagree with. They can’t do that for obvious reasons. They should add ten times as many stock photos to choose from though.

    We are a demanding bunch 🙂

  • For me:

    – Cross-game chat. (This would be handy even for in-game chat where you only want to interact with one other player.)
    – Remove all the many unnecessary confirmation questions.
    – Support network file shares so that content can be accessed directly.
    – When Home is available, allow developers to use your avatar in their game.

  • The PS3 really needs an auto-sleep function. I’ve got a first gen model (90 nm cell) and it is a pig, consumes 150 watts showing the XMB. I’d like an optional feature that would shut the system down if the controller wasn’t moved for a couple hours.

  • I’d also want to see expanded video and sound codecs…

    There’s still some issues with .MP4s with AVC (4GB size limit, although Blu Ray discs are not affected), no .MKV, some issues with Divx… Hopefully .MP4 Subtitle Support etc…

    Add some “multitasking”… I mean, why can’t I browse the store while watching a movie/listening to music… And WHY in hell does it stop audio or video when I look at a profile, but it works in-game?!? That doesn’t make sense at all.

    I dunno if it is possible… But todays PCs underclock the CPUS when they idle (same with GPUs). The CELL should be able to do so, when idling in the XMB or watching videos. It would save energy and it would produce less heat and therefore noise.

    Make it so, that both HDMI and optical sound can be activated simultaneously, so I can switch off my amp but still have sound without going to the options. It is possible (some “bug” in the XMB… VERY VERY seldom I have sound going out on both outputs… like once every 1000 boot ups or so^^)

    Add the option to go straight to the main menu in DVDs and BD Roms… I hate the trailers^^ (will NEVER EVER happen…) Good thing, in Germany, Disney learned their mistake and at least lets you jump right to the menu… (PotC 1 and 2 US don’t PotC 3 DE lets me do this).

  • mcloki

    i think that your home avatar is going to replace your icon. Most of which are very lame. So i wouldn’t expect it till HOME. Also with allowing people to use thier own avatar picture,
    How many of your friends would literally be “dicks”? Now the fine upstanding crowd that visits would never do anything like that, I’m talking about other people. Neogaf readers for example.;-)
    A better web browser. WOW does it ever need a better web browser. What use is the keypad without a better web browser. It needs flash and QUICKTIME, SILVERLIGHT support to make it a real browser. I still think they have browser rendering engine difficulties. No one is developing a Firefox or Webkit (safari renderign engines for the cell). Sony may have to do this on their own. That takes time and money.
    The bluetooth suggestion is great.
    Sony should also advertise or make available a Library Feature. I’ve bought a bunch of PSN games. Flow being one of the first. I’d love to delete it. I don’t really want to store it on a hard drive. I should be able to delete the file and when I want to dust it off again redownload it for free from the PSN. More of a convenience than anything else.

  • James


    PSN Store already allows you to download a bought game more than once. Just click on the downloads link at the top of the store screen and theres a list of everything you’ve ever downloaded to download again. Not sure if there’s a limit on the number of times you can do this though.

  • – no file limit (or at least some current gen limit) when attaching in mail to other psn users, I can not send a wallpaper downloaded from the store to other people, or a nice picture I made with my camera.

    – browser update, yes and remove the stupid plugin question..

    – background chat request, when I now request for chat I can not do anything else but looking at the stupid bouncing balls.

    – background installing

    – remove the ‘ugly’ 2 white lines when installing, downloading etc..

    – auto sleep controller, when watching 2 hour movie just let the controller sleep after 5 mins..