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FIFA 09 or PES 2009? |

The football (soccer to USA) season has started and Leipzig revealed a lot of information on the this year’s FIFA & PES titles. I have been a big fan of the Konami football series since PSOne but after the disaster that was PES 2008 i have started to lose faith and have been impressed by EA’s FIFA. So this year I am faced with a conundrum; FIFA or PES?

Below are interviews detailing the new features in each game.


PES 2009

If you want more information on either title I can recommend these 2 blogs;

I must say the 10v10 online in FIFA is most intriguing! Which one are you guys going to pick up?

  • Bilzac

    1) fifa 09 ftw!!!

    2)GUYS!!! MY PS3 Isn’t working 🙁 . I got it here to toronto from dubai, thinking it had a universal PSU, i plugged it in without any transformer or wtv, and it didnt work. The thing is it didnt blow up, no smoke,no noise no nothing so i was just asking
    a)Where can i get transformers for cheap in toronto(preferrebly Mississauga)
    b)If my ps3 is spoilt, how much do u think it’ll cost me? I mean i think only a fuse would be spoilt.

  • Børten

    I’m defently going for the Fifa. just cause PES dont have lisenced teams..

  • PES08 was an absolute disgrace, in terms of technical performance. I would have bought it if it had about the same graphics as its ps2 cousin, which ran at 60fps consistently, but no, they went with fps drops and slow-downs and literally unwatchable replays which went all the way down to 15 fps, without making it look that much better.. This from the demo experience.

    I also remember PES08 having some restrictions on online play.. I don’t exactly remember.

    I’ll wait this year, see both, I need demos. No demo, no buy, but I lean towards Fifa.

  • I used to be a PES fanboi.

    But FIFA09 cleary r0x the Next Generation Soccer games… so i’ll buy fifa09, again.

  • Solid_Nat

    FIFA 09 for me, all my mates buy this so the online options alone are drawing me towards FIFA. I have had both in previous years and for me FIFA have continually improved the game, maybe to reach the benchmark that was/is PES, and its starting to pay off, PES had a bad year last year but if you are top of the pile you cant stand still you need to improve and they didn’t do that.

    I think this year will be close but my money is on FIFA to win because of the online options available.

  • FIFA 09 for me, too. I used to buy FIFA in the 90s, but switched to PES for the more realistic game. (Well, as realistic as football on a console can get…)

    I didn’t get either of the last games; PES was a mess, and I wasn’t impressed by the FIFA 08 demo. But I’ve played the Euro 2008 version on a mate’s 360, and was impressed. Since FIFA 09 builds on that – and has the official licenses – I’ll be getting 09 on its release.

    Truth is, it seems PES is lacking now. It’s not so much gone backwards, but stood still. FIFA has caught right up, and the official licenses tip the balance.

  • Jerry

    Not gonna Lie that PES game looks like Rubbish. Did you see that close up after that guy scored a goal. Looks like he was a Mii character from Wii. No way am i going to waste time on a game if it looks like that. Fifa 09 is the clear winner here. I will be buying that game even before i buy Madden 09. That 10 v 10 online will be huge and you know its going to still have a high frame rate. EA has steped their game up in the last year. Lets see if they can pass this along to other franchies’s like NBA 09.

  • Gary

    Same as Adam, I bought FIFA up to the late 90s but switched to ISS/PES and stayed that way until PES5. Then FIFA 08 kicked PES’s arse and I did the unthinkable and bought FIFA 08 for the first time in almost a decade.

    FIFA 09 is a definite for me.

  • Trev

    Jerry, that player was not based on a real player so will have looked off.

    i’m still not completely sold on FIFA but i’m not far off. demos for both games will be out before they’re released which is where i’ll make my decision. can’t wait to have a decent football game though as i haven’t touched PES 2008 in months…

  • Arca

    Why everyone complain that this year PES doesn’t have lisenced teams, that’s a very stupid argument because there’s and edit mode, and someone will upload an option file with all the correct teams and names, so what’s wrong with that, PES have this problem for a lot of years, so use the edit mode and shut up.

    Fifa sucks bad, very ugly gameplay, players looks like hutchback or monkeys running, same goals over and over, PES in the other hand have the best gameplay out there, the point here is that Fifa fans doesn’t accept it. Why the hell they include a 7vs7 online in Fifa, everything is going to be a mess, and instead of real football, everyone will be running behind the ball like little kids.

    PES FTW…

  • John

    PES2009 for me. The gameplay is meant to be incredible this year. Last year’s edition was awful, but I am confident Konami will deliver this time around.