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Life with PlayStation Update |

Sony says it’s on it’s way, but it seems it won’t be August any more. It will be accessed directly from the XMB and it will be combined with [email protected] So you check the news, weather, etc. and use [email protected] all at once.

While I’m talking about [email protected] be sure to join our team 55054, at the moment we only have 14 active members. But we are currently ranked 359, not bad, keep it up 🙂

Life with PlayStation is on its way

  • Burten

    Only 14 active ??!?
    Ah the glory-days of [email protected] are truly over. Maybe Life will turn it 😀

  • Chuck

    Lol, I knew it was going to happen. When will Sony learn to just keep their mouths shut when it comes to release dates on things like this, thats the 2nd broken releade date for LwPS and how many was it for Home? Sorry, I love my PS3 and I know some uptight fanboys will cry and claim nothing was promised, for either service even though they both had multiple promised dates. Who wants bet we dont see Home this year even though it was promised again?

    I dont care too much for either service, I would just like it if Sony would learn a lesson and quit spouting off release dates too early. It kind of hurts the PS brands image and with the issues their entire Bravia LCD line are having can they really afford to **** up their other top money maker.

    They can talk about upcoming things just be a little more vague on the release dates until your sure, hell I am still waiting for all those full 1080p games and where the **** is my 4d?

  • mcloki

    I just couldn’t handle the high pitched whine and uber fans that my PS3 emited while doing folding anymore. Nice to see we made it into the top 400.

  • Sony won’t ever learn to keep its mouth shut about future products. They think they benefit from they hype or something, I have no idea. Remember getaway and eight days? Their target renders and technical demos were impressive, and they were being promoted [to sell more systems and convey a powerful image of the PS3]. I still go back to old forums and see that people were wowed about these stuff back then.

    They were then cancelled. Microsoft is not so wrong about whining about this kind of marketing. Sony promised things it didn’t / won’t deliver.

  • Pc

    I posted this here so anybody who hasn’t already registered for the live shout box can possibly help me out…..Guys, i need help ! Has anybody tried playing Final Fantasy XI on their PS3 yet ? I need to know how to get a keyboard working while playing this game. My wireless keyboard shuts down when i enter the playonline viewer.

  • Chuck

    Nit to sound selfish, but why do people continue folding at home when all it does is costs you money and shortens the life span of your PS3? I refuse to risk my 60gb for this and am a little upset that in order to use Life with PS I hve to fold.

    There is nothing that makes your PS3 run harder and hotter than [email protected] and I myself bought my PS3 for 3 reasons….
    1- Games
    2- Blu-rays
    3- Media center
    Not to shorten its life span and spen an extra $20 a month folding.
    Now if you want to fold, ok, but dont force me to fold in order to use LwPS. That is horse shit.

  • Mike

    I’m not sure why anyone would be too upset by this ‘another delay’ – it might be nice (and i’m sure i’ll have a poke at it) but it’s hardly a deal-breaker. And IIRC Home never had a fixed date?

    BTW I also hope the [email protected] feature can be turned off (I would expect that it is optional). As much as I like the idea, I have one of the original PAL machines – the ones that use a truckload of juice. And although I can afford it, the electricity here is not the cheapest in the world either.