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Monthly Archives: August 2008

GC 2008: EyePet

August 21, 2008 | | 4 Comments

Another unique PlayStation Eye game called EyePet. It’s a virtual pet you can play with, even draw toys for him to play with. Nice to see more PS Eye games, keep them coming Sony.

EyePet – Debut Trailerby dpadmagazineRead More

Heavy Rain Trailer

August 20, 2008 | | 5 Comments

Click here for bigger version:

It looks exactly like I expected. An updated version of Indigo Prophecy with dramatically improved visuals and technology. Unfortunately, the trailer highlights the notorious Quick Time Events. Does anyone not dislike those things?

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Warhawk: Operation: Fallen Star (Jetpacks!)

August 20, 2008 |

o.O Wow, those Jetpacks look like so much fun. The new level looks amazing as well. And this all arrives along with Trophie support on Aug 28th. Looks like I’ll be getting back into Warhawk again ๐Ÿ™‚

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GC 2008: New PS3 Bundle

August 20, 2008 | | 7 Comments

160GB with Uncharted and a voucher for the PSN game PAIN. $499 this Fall.

I like how they worded this on the official site:

“The 160GB PS3 has all of the same functionality as the new 80GB PS3 thatโ€™s … Read More

GC 2008: PS3 Controller gets Wireless Keypad

August 20, 2008 | | 9 Comments

I’m not sure if I’ll get this or not. The only game I’d use it with is MGO. And I already have a bluetooth keyboard. It’s out in late November. Maybe just in time for Home? I can see it … Read More

GC 2008: Resident Evil 5 Extended Trailer

August 20, 2008 |

I’m amazed how good this game is looking. I can’t wait to get my hands on it ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hardware Charts Part 2

August 20, 2008 | | 2 Comments

I’ve added several more features to the console sales database and chart generator (you need to setup a free Zoho login to create your own charts):

  1. Lifetime Cumulative Sales Values
  2. Number of Weeks Since Launch. This allows creation of … Read More

New Killzone 2 – Online Multiplayer Trailer

August 19, 2008 | | 7 Comments

The online play for this looks great. I’m going to have a lot of fun sniping in this game! They’ll be showing this video at 2008 Liepzig Games Convention event later this week. Follow this link for a HD video.

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