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Buzz Impressions


  • Great Trivia Game I haven’t played a triva in years, and I’ve forgotten how much fun they can be. I played with several non-gamer tyeps and they loved it. If you have social, non-gamer-type friends over, or want to play with kids (my step-daughter can hold her own in the cartoon category), this game is perfect.
  • Buzz Controllers Wireless, simple, easy to use, and fun. They’re perfect trivia controllers.
  • Large Question Bank I haven’t seen any duplicate questions yet. Very impressive. The game also has some photo and video questions which are fun as well.
  • Great Extras Fun couch-photos with PlayStation Eye, user created questions, online modes, DLC trivia packs. (I haven’t had a chance to play with all these extras yet).
  • Polish, Presentation, Interface All the animations, transitions, question-modes, and character selection adds a lot of polish to the core game.



  • Wireless USB Dongle This is a minor nitpick, but worth mentioning. The PS3 has native wireless. Why do all custom wireless controllers need a dongle? I think I know the answer but it’s not a good excuse. Bluetooth is more expensive and simple wireless controllers want to use cheaper, simpler RF. Ultimately, the PS3 should have been designed to support custom wireless controllers (whether it’s Bluetooth, RF, or whatever) without the need for USB dongles.
  • Limited variety of inter-question transitions, announcer chatter, and animations


Bottom Line

This is a surprise hit. The core trivia game is so utterly simple, I’m surprised how fun it can be. This title pushes the genre with all the polish and extras.


Nice KZ2 Footage

It’s small, and there are no enemies, but it’s still fun to watch:

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Killzone 2 Beta Keys

Source – If you live in Europe check your e-mail to see if your lucky enough to get into the Killzone 2 beta. No word on other regions .. yet.


WipEout HD ImprEssions

I heard people having issues with the game freezing and online not working. But I didn’t have a chance to play this game until later last night. So maybe it was fixed by then, because I played for over a hour and it played flawlessly. I even tried online.

I created a game and I noticed there is a friend reserve type option. I thought cool, I can invite and reserve a spot for friends. But no, you can not, or I’m not seeing how to do it.

Anyway the gameplay is great, classic WipEout action in gorgeous 1080P. The have a few new weapons which are fun. The pilot assist mode is perfect for people new to the series, it helps steer you away from the walls. You can turn if off if you want. I finished the first 2 sections of the campaign, and got a few trophies for it already.

Click for full size

The photo above is from the zone mode which looks amazing in motion. The walls and street are just a huge music visualizer. You can see it in the photo. In the zone mode you are alone on the track and with each zone you clear your ship gets faster and the neon looking highway your on, changes color in front of your eyes, it’s a great effect! You just keep going until your ship takes enough damage to fall apart.

WipEout has been around since the PS1 days, I actually remember playing the demo that came with my brand new PS1 long ago before I got my first PS1 game (which was Twisted Metal for the curious).

I’m excited to put together a custom techno playlist for WipEout. In fact NeoGAF has already done that, check it out here.

In short buy this game. It’s a steal at $19.99. It’s everything you want in a futuristic racer and more.


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