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Mirror’s Edge Exclusive DLC on PS3 |

mirror's edge
So first off Mirror’s Edge is not an exclusive PS3 game. Apparently this was a strong rumor, but i was not aware of this? Secondly, the PS3 is getting exclusive downloadable content (DLC) much like how GTA IV is on Xbox. There is no further news stating what the DLC will be but here’s hoping for something substantial like extra levels, modes etc…

Already we have seen Soul Calibur offering console exclusive characters, FIFA 09 having an exclusive PS3 mode and Xbox with GTA IV mission exclusives. Is this going to become a growing trend with how the console war will be fought?

  • Sporty

    Probably will be the norm from now on.

    That timed exclusive rumor was from an interview with Reeves, guess they are now claiming it was mistranslated, but then again it was Reeves so who knows.

    But being EA I think we should be cautious on what the DLC is. It could be anything from a Major add on to a horse armor type…

  • I really appreciate that this game is trying to do something a little different. I’ll be checking it out.

    As to the DLC? I don’t think this is a big enough game for the exclusive DLC to matter.