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Sony’s New PS3 Headset |


Here is the announcement.

Interesting features:

  • Automatic pairing with PS3 via USB cable like SIXAXIS/DUALSHOCK3 controllers.
  • On screen indicators of headset connection status, battery life, speaker volume, and mute status.
  • Eight hours of voice time on one charge. Recharges by USB.
  • Noise Cancellation One problem with many headsets is that the game sounds coming out of your speakers gets picked up by the microphone. The PS Eye has this same feature and it works well, but it’s not perfect.
  • Works with cell phones supports both HSP and HFP profiles

It’s suspected that this will come in a SOCOM bundle. The PR also mentions support for Motorstorm 2 + Resistance 2, although I’d suspect this would work fine with any voice chat ready game.


  • Trev

    damn you beat me to posting this 😉

    excellent news. not been too sure on SOCOM so its nice to know you can buy it on its own. lets hope the sound quality is good unlike the MGS4 headset…

  • It had me at the mute button.

  • I got the Warhawk one and is quite satisfied with that one. It’s not often that I use it though.

  • I still use the Warhawk headset too. Not sure if I’ll upgrade to this one or not. Maybe if I can find it cheap later.

  • DelSource

    Nice, but I’ve seen an in-hand picture and it’s big. Very big.

  • Trev

    Where is this pic DelSource? If it is big, is it heavy? Would cause ear ache if it was…

    Also are you able to change which ear or does it only work on the right?