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Bring Back Profiles! |

Last night I was playing Timesplitters at Steve’s place on his GameCube. It’s a classic game and we had some fun duking it out in splitscreen mode. It was nice that I had my profile on there from last time we played too.

For those of you who are too next-gen to know, a profile is a set of preferences and other information tied to a handle that you make up. If you choose a certain profile, then all your settings and savegame information etc associated with that profile will be loaded. So if you invert Y (which you really should!), then that’ll be loaded with your profile.

Many many many GameCube and PS2 games had profiles. On the Xbox 360, you have global profiles so that if you have friends coming over to play regularly, they just have to log in once and any game they play with you will use that profile. It’s very handy, but can also be very frustrating. (Sometimes too many are signed in, or you have to sign in later, or whatever.)

But the PS3 has no such system. Some games, if they have a co-op mode, remember both of the players’ settings, but that’s about it. So every time the guys come over to play, they have to set up their preferences, which is a step backwards from the days of GameCube and PS2 gaming. The PS3 needs a profile system!

  • Shyru

    You know that the PS3 offers multiple users, and each gets their own savegames/settings???

  • James

    But you can’t use more than one user setting at a time can you?

  • No you can’t. So they’re effectively useless for the purposes I describe above.

  • you sir, speak the truth – profiles would be welcomed.

  • Trev

    Good point! i love the profile system on timesplitters well apart from the saving everyone’s profile one at a time after every game…

    Multiple profiles used on a system should be done. espeically if they allowed you to tie them into your PSN ID so if youplayed a co-op you can still get your stats.

  • JimmyStewart

    Yeah I was thinking about something similar this morning. It’s kind of different from the profiles Henning is talking about, I was thinking more about your PSN names and how they could improve upon it. My wife and I play games together and only being able to log into one user name is horrible. I should preface it by saying we refuse to play 360 games that don’t reward both players by giving out achievements to each Gamertag.

    Prior to trophies, playing co-op on the PS3 was simpler. Sure it meant only one of us would have the save file for completing PixelJunk Monsters, but thankfully Sony has a forgiving save game policy and we just copied it to her profile. But now with trophies we’re at a stand still. We don’t play a lot on the PS3 since we’ve already committed to achievements on the 360 and trophies don’t have the same immediate appeal to us. However, they’d be a lot more appealing if we could both get them together. It’s really frustrating to see this and anticipate any future PS3 game purchases.

    Here’s what I was thinking about this morning. Why not let people carry over their PS3 profiles/PSN IDs to the PSP? I’d love to be able to keep our save games separate on the PSP like it does on the PS3 and I think adding trophy support to the PSP would be awesome. Perhaps that would help get us more interested in the trophies too! I know it would be awesome if the 360 had a similar option, but right now Sony really has the upper hand in that dept. I’d love to see them actually use it. I don’t know about you guys but I’d love to get a copy of PixelJunk Monsters on my PSP as well! And Eden for that matter. Well I’d probably buy just about anything at this point…

  • I like how xbox360 supports actual user login for co-op play, that’s the correct way to go, and co-op trophyies should affect all parties involved. That should definitely be introduced before the end of the year, and maybe even before resistance 2.

  • Carl;)G

    I just hope Timesplitters 4 has them??? If not…well i’d be gutted!!! :-/

  • Kicks

    I was just talking about this with a friend while discussing Rock Band. We all own the 360 version and like the fact that we can all be signed in and get the achievements. If it weren’t for the fact that we all already had the 360 version of Rock Band one, we’d probably still go with the 360 version of Rock Band 2 for the same reason. Yes; RB2 supports world tour over PSN and XBL, but we enjoy getting together in person and just playing for hours on end. Why not still give credit to all players for that.

    Bring on profiles! 🙂

  • Bring on multiple logins, we mean, I think.. 🙂

  • Take a look!
    This is exactly what we wanted, for LBP!

  • Rjcc

    one of my very favorite things on the 360…I set y-xis invert exactly once, the day I got it three years ago, and i’ve never had to adjust it in any shooter since then. wait, actually, a few demos didn’t recognize the universal setting and I had to set them, but thats it. I love that.