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Awesome Lava Level Video |

I’ve never seen a MotorStorm 2 video like this one before. You can see the effect of environmental heat on your boost meter. There’s also cooling off areas, which I haven’t seen before either.

  • Trev

    I thought it would be less obvious with pools of water and waterfalls rather than manmade shower sections. I can’t say this game has won me over, I found the first entertaining but mainly because I had no other games. I think its lose out big time this winter as there is a bigger selection of games out now.

  • Yeah, I have to agree with you about the pools of water thing.

    If this game didn’t have splitscreen support, I wouldn’t be interested. But it does, so I know my friends and I will have a blast playing this together.

  • Pc

    Looks sweet ! I will buy this day one 🙂 This is the best offroad racing game out there !

  • James

    damn that game looks good.

  • mpz

    I wish they’d lower the volume of the ‘supercharger’ sound – from the earlier videos it looked like they had compared to v1, but it sounds way too loud in this one. It drowns out all of the other effect sounds far too much. And on the bikes and quads it sounds a bit silly.

    BTW the lava heating up/cool shower (and waterfalls) were shown in some other clips on gametrailers.