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Profiles ARE Coming? |

I haven’t seen this substantiated from anywhere else, but if true, it’s awefully coincidental that I was just asking for profile support, and now here it is!

Following on from the revelation that there will apparently be a Disney tie-in at some point, it’s now been revealed that when playing with friends locally each gamer will be able to sign into their own PSN account simultaneously, and can even all collect their own individual Trophies at the same time.

Sure, we’ve seen this before on countless 360 games, but we think this is the first PS3 game to offer this functionality, normally you’re just a replica of the main PSN account, as per Warhawk.

The interesting thing (assuming this is true) is that this hasn’t been talking about by Sony at all. There was no mention of this kind of support in any firmware update that I’m aware of. Has this functionality been there all along? Is this a recent thing? And the most important question of all: will other games start supporting this?

LBP: Multi User Logons

  • JimmyStewart

    That is pretty exciting news! I’d love this to be a PS3 standard and hopefully it is a sign of things to come. This is probably our biggest gripe about gaming on the PS3 right now. Hopefully this will open the doors and allow for us to have a better co-operative experience. Now if they could just bring it to the PSP as well. While MS seems to be turning it’s back on it’s core audience in favor of the Wii demographic, the PS3 has quietly been making their system stronger one update at a time. Sony has slowly patched out every gripe I’ve had with the system so far, and this is one of the last ones I’ve had. I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

    I do have to point out the humor in the quote.
    “Sure, we’ve seen this before on countless 360 games”
    Logging into both profiles isn’t in countless 360 games, it’s in every single one. There are some games that don’t allow both players to get achievements, but letting each player log into their own gamertag has been a 360 standard since launch.

  • Trev

    It sounds like another feature that will be up to the developers a-la trophies and youtube. So no expecting any old games to get patched for this but its exciting and I hope it is coming. Funny this news comes out after you just mentioned them.

  • I have to commend the xbox guys for their vision. Sony is still trying to patch everything, even tho they had a full year to examine the features of xbox (Or they could have bought a dev kit even earlier 🙂 ), like multiple logins.

    Because everything is patched later, there’s great segmentation between the games. This is a little different than providing freedom to developers. There are games without trophies, there are games with. There are games with custom tracks, ones without. There’ll be games allowing multiple logins, there will be games without. All these should have already been handled by the os, with developers keeping these in mind, but each extra feature has to be added without using more ram than any previous firmware, not to break compatibility.

    For example, I just want a constant voice chat with my friends online, on or off the game, and I don’t want to hear 12 year olds playing rap music on COD4. But this will never happen.

  • Speedracer1955

    Something that some of you may not know is Patent law and how hard it is to do what the other guy does…If Microsoft has a patent for lets say in-game music playing from a streaming server internet or hard drive from within the operating system… Then how is Sony going to give that to its core user base… can’t happen unless the game developer provided it from within the game instead of the operating system… so now there is this item and if Microsoft has this in its patent files then Sony will be forced to have the developers add it to their games but they can place some small code to make it easier to do….so devs will have to step up with this if that is true….

    Just because they have it does not mean you can either, at least not legally. So we will have to wait and see who will have to do the most work to get that feature to market on the PS3.

  • Software patents are an insult to humanity. Ideas should not be patented. If this is a patent case, then I present my middle finger to patenting.