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Trophy Support in Games |

When your looking to buy a game is trophy support a must or just a bonus? I’ve noticed some people on forums say they will not buy a game if it doesn’t have trophy support.

Ideally every game from here on out should have trophies. But if it doesn’t will it alter your decision to buy the game at all? For me personally, if it’s a fun game I’ll get it. But it is rewarding to win trophies, it forces you to play the game in different ways you normally wouldn’t. I played Warhawk with a friend last night getting some of the harder trophies and it was very fun. Sniping at 2500 feet is hard, lol.

One thing I’m curious about with trophies is the levels. I just got to level 4, and how is that calculated? Will that incorporate with Home somehow? Anyway what are your thoughts?

  • It is kind of cool, but its not a big selling point for me.

    After I finish a game I do check the trophies / achievements / medals or whatever they are calling it for that game but that’s about it. It is too bad this wasn’t standard from the start for PS3 because there has been a lot of fragmentation, and developers don’t seem to be interested in converting their proprietary reward system to the new one (with the exception of a few games like Drake’s Fortune).

    I am glad that Novastrike got a big patch the other day to include trophies and other fixes, as that was a game that I really felt ripped off when I got it…it seemed like an unfinished game, and hopefully this patch will make the game actually worth 10$.

  • I have the sniping trophy already 😛 (1080P display helped)

    But becoming General is nothing you can get by skill, but by hours and hours of chores… Those trophies should be dropped… I mean, showing those off only shows how pathetic you are^^ (i.e. how little RL you have)

    I just hope, they not only include trophies for hardcore gamers. I want to succeed in games, but I don’t have the time to do so, as I have to run a household, go to uni and have a real life. There’s not much time left gaming (ok, now yes, as I have holidays, but after that…)

    Most of Warhawks trophies are cool (revenge, high jumps, binocs and tank), but those that require, as I said before, simply repeating tasks over and over should be banned, as they are NOT fun.

  • I don’t generally care about Trophies. I got all the Uncharted ones, but that’s purely because I absolutely love the game, and enjoy playing it through over and over – which for me, is extremely rare with games.

    I have a few from Stardust, but no interest in getting the rest… if I happen to earn them while playing the game, fair enough, but I won’t go looking for them.

    Same with Burnout Paradise – when they release the patch, I’ll get whatever I’ve earned so far due to them being retroactive, but other than that, I won’t be setting out deliberately to earn them.

    And they won’t have any bearing on whether or not I buy future titles. If I like the look of a game, I’ll buy it regardless. For me, Trophies/Achievements are a relatively pointless gimmick – a cheap way for developers to try and add replay value to their games.

    I’d much rather devs spent the time creating more genuine content and better, more involving stories for their games, than thinking of convoluted ways for people to earn a little graphic and/or a few worthless points.

    One thing I absolutely disagree with are Trophies like Warhawk’s ‘Bandwidth Donor’ – leaving your PS3 on as a dedicated server for 4 continuous hours. While it doesn’t affect me personally, there are people who – due to bandwidth limitations imposed by their ISP – may quite literally never be able to earn that Trophy, which is not fair on them.

    Apart from that, while I’m certainly no ‘Green campaigner’ (far from it, in fact), I still think that anything which encourages potentially tens of thousands of people to leave their PS3 on unattended and burning electricity for 4 hours is a little irresponsible.

  • Pc

    Just like you said, if the game is good, then i will buy it anyways. But…..Every game from here on out should have trophies when you purchase it, not later on through a stupid patch.

  • Solid_Nat

    I love trophies i cant deny it and Warhawk has me hooked at the moment trying to earn them. Some are stupid and as mentioned require you to have no life and play the game 24/7 for weeks even months to achieve some! I wouldn’t not buy a game simply because it didn’t support trophies its the experience and fun with friends i am buying into not an icon or a level.

    Others however do make you play the game differently or try something you wouldnt have done before so i think from that angle they are good. For example i have SS:HD, i played it a lot but never got past the first or second planet. When the trophies hit i played it a lot more and actually compleated the game. Something i probably wouldnt have bothered to do without an incentive like trophies.

    Saying that i have found that if i play a game for a trophy etc then it isnt as much fun and i get more frustrated. So for me i am going to play the game through, check what i got and then play it again to try and get all the trophies on offer. Give it a few months and every game will have these and having level 5 etc wont mean all that much as it does now!

  • mpz

    Trophies have absolutely zero impact on whether I would buy a game or not. Zero.

    I’ll ping a few off if they’re there, and maybe play the game a little bit more (maybe), but wouldn’t even notice if they weren’t.

  • Trophies have no impact on my buying decision. But I like getting trophies while playing a game. It’s like a little pat on the back. That said, I usually don’t go out of my way to get them, though sometimes that’s fun for a hoot.

  • mcloki

    Trophies are going to become more and more important as time goes on. They are very valuable to developers. Trophies in combination with DLC keep the game you purchase in your hands for a lot longer. It cuts down on the resale market and increases the amount of new games purchased. I personally have yet to sell/trade in a PS3 game yet. And I attribute that to the trophy system. I have restarted playing Uncharted and SSHD because of Trophies and am thinking about getting back into Warhawk. Games that I know are not going to get trophies I may trade in. Trade in for Disgea 3 and LBP, maybe Resistance.
    Just like online high score boards give you bragging rights in your circle of friends. Trophies as they become more available will spawn “Achievment Whores” to use the 360 term. All for bragging rights.
    Will it affect my buying decision. Yes. Jst the fact that we are having this discussion means that all of the above players are going to consider the Trophies in a game. I’m sure that in 3-4 Months Tosh will have articles about Trophies lists in FFXIII. And this will affect your desire for the game.
    On the 360 side for example Gears of War 2 has an achivement called “Seriously” for killing 100,000 opponents. While I believe it should be called “40 Year Old Virgin” it generates a ton of press and ‘watercooler talk”. This is great for developers because it keeps their games being talked about.
    What if a trophy was an unlockable skin or another level or map?

  • “What if a trophy was an unlockable skin or another level or map? ”

    THAT was nice… Home unlockables too!!

  • Trophies surely add to the replay value of the game..

  • Thanks Segitz. It’s not much different than unlockables in games. They’ve been around forever, but you can’t cheat to get them since it has to be downloaded. That way you know when you see a trophy you earned it.

    Home unlockables are great.
    Winning the stanley Cup in NHL 09 could “Trophy you ” the jersey of your choice to wear in Home.
    Beating God of War 3 could get you a facial tatoo or a T-shirt that says.
    I came
    I saw
    I kicked Olympus.

    There’s tons of possiblities especially when you tie it into Home. Stuffed Chymera trophy heads to adorn the walls of your HOME apartment. Like the Predator 2 wall.
    That actually would be a great trophy if it was put into every game. A skeleton for your skeleton trophy wall from each game you beat. I think it would be cool.

  • I agree with Segitz on the notion that Achievements and Trophies shouldn’t be based on how much time you put into the game, but rather certain aspects that demonstrates your abilities, or rewards the you for something unique or interesting.

    If you are gonna grind something out and play a ridiculous amount of hours to get one achievement in a FPS game, you may as well just go play a MMORPG.

  • For me it’s not a show stopper to buy the game, but I think with trophies it has more replay value.

    (@Segitz 1080p dit not help you because Warhawk runs at 720p.. )