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LBP Not Possible on 360 |

In an interview, the LittleBigPlanet devs say that LBP, as is, isn’t possible on the 360. Why? Because of the BD drive and always-there HDD.

  • JimmyStewart

    Lately I’ve been gradually trying to ween those on my 360 friends list towards the PS3. I’ve been encouraging people looking to jump into consoles to nab a PS3 as well. When I read quotes like this I wonder why I bother. When people I know read quotes like this, they just think I’m crazy.

    I’m not picking on LBP, I can see it’s appeal and it seems very much in line with niche titles like Viva Pinata on the 360. I welcome this sort of innovation to gaming. But at the same time, my friends want to see the evidence that the PS3 is really a superior gaming platform. Biased developer nonsense like this only reinforces the idea that the PS3 really can’t offer much. LBP may be a great game, but it’s not something that people will look to as a technological marvel. It’s a very original game and it has quite a bit of appeal, but trying to use it as a game “not possible on the 360” is too much.

    In a holiday season crowded with top notch 360 exclusives I don’t think it’s the best time to lead with LBP and suggest that it’s the game that isn’t possible on the 360. People will simply look at LBP and Gears and realize pretty fast that it sounds like complete nonsense. These sorts of fanboy comments are misplaced. I think the more techy/gamer oriented audience probably won’t be playing LBP in the first place. Where as the audience that is interested in the game is probably more interested in the 360s new $199 price point, the $40 Viva 2 and the $40 Banjo and Kazooie. Comments like these don’t make me think of a console leader, they make me think of a console struggling to get any attention it can get under the weight of a strong holiday 360 lineup. The PS3 is the most advanced console on the market, don’t tell me about it… show me.

  • Obviously this game developer doesn’t think that graphics are the deciding factor in his statement. Sure Gears looks more realistic than this game. But you can’t say that if a developer says something isn’t possible, they have to be talking about graphics. The fact that not every 360 has a HDD is an issue for this game, plain and simple.

    Me and my friends are all looking forward to this game. And we’re not those price-sensitive folk you’re talking about, though we’re also not the hard hardcore either. (And I don’t see the correlation between hard core gaming and price sensitivity that you’re trying to make.) We’re gamers, and we enjoy good games. LBP is looking to be one. If you dismiss it as a kiddy game, you’re doing yourself a disservice, I think.