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Socom Beta for Qore Users Available Tonight |

For those that bought Qore Episode 1 you should be getting a e-mail at some point today. I haven’t got mine yet. But the download will be available around 5:00 PM PST today according to Sony.

After you get your Promotion Code do this to get into the beta:

* Go to the PLAYSTATION Network Icon on the PLAYSTATION3 XMB (XrossMediaBar)
*Select “Account Management”
* Select “Transaction Management”
* Choose “Redeem PLAYSTATION Network Card or Promotion Code”
* Enter the code (below)
* Click “Continue”

The download will be available on the next screen

I’ll see you online 🙂 Probably tomorrow for me.

SOCOM: Confrontation Deploys for Qore Subscribers Tomorrow

  • I’m waiting for my e-mail….

  • Riggins44

    Good luck getting on. I have been part of the original beta and have had about a 20% success rate. Then when I do get on, it takes forever to get into games. I know it is a beta, but there are some basic things that are not working.

  • Trieloth

    I played it a few weeks ago and it starts kinda slow (long load times)but once you get into the level it works great. I have been moving for the past week so I couldnt play :(. Apparently farm house’s dont like the internet, so I had to get all sorts of nonsense hooked up before I can get it…not having internet suuuuucks. It will be three weeks with out it. Iam starting to go crazy.

  • Trev

    I have not enjoyed the beta at all. Mainly because I have a lot of trouble getting into matches (even the menus load slowly). So many loading screens and matches not starting. Real pain sitting in Lobbies where everyone is ready and the match doesn’t start. I was hoping to get some impressions up as I’ve had it a week now but not been able to play enough to form any. Very disappointed.

  • west_coast_ps3

    –took quite a while to install. Maybe 15 minutes.
    –the user interface is slow, like PS2 slow. Takes a while to configure your dude because of that. Config options are limited, for example they don’t have bayonets. I’d rather have a bayonet on the M16 than a sight.
    –seems to be lots of people playing. I played a few sessions and it was easy to find a game to join.
    –the lobby system worked most of the time but was quite slow. I was playing in the Canada West lobby.
    –game play was good.
    –not as fun as metal gear solid

  • Pc

    I hope the game turns out to be good and all, but i’m going to purchase this game specifically for the official PS headset. I’m actually glad that i’m not part of the beta. I think beta’s “kind of” ruin the final game when it does come out because you’ve already played it and went through all of those technical issues. I’ll stay away from beta’s unless it’s some new MMORPG. That’s what they need on PS3 !