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PES 2009 gets Champions League |

Wow. This is a big coup for Konami. After the disappointment of losing the La Liga license and never being able to get the Premier League, they’ve secured the Champions League in an exclusive deal for their game. This means the top teams from every league in Europe will now be officially licensed in the game, fantastic! For me this has created a huge incentive to stay with PES now as long as the gameplay has been improved. cover art and trailer are below;

i am loving this action cover as opposed to stupid poses in a fake environment.
here’s the trailer;

Robbie Keane scoring for Liverpool? Seems a bit unrealistic to me :p

  • Gary

    Liverpool have FINALLY been licensed so that is a massive boost for me but it now comes down to how it plays in comparison to FIFA 09…

  • The video doesn’t display any of the drop-to-15fps slowdowns found in PES08. Guess they are now using their engine as an offline renderer 😛 I hope they can fix my disgust. And I want my damned replays to play at 60fps.. Even Fifa09 falls to 30fps for replays and close ups. Where’s the good old days when console games mostly ran at full frame. We began demanding so much from graphics, but we lost fluidity.

    Yes, I am a frames per second whore.

  • Sam

    Bottom line, UCL doesnt make this more attractive without being able to progress through a season in the premiership or la liga, with all of the other hardware bouncing around for pickup (shield, fa cup, etc.). Its not the NOMINAL framerate issues (yes they are nominal if you’re not insane about it, and who really cares about replay framerates man? i mean seriously?) its the overall professional footballing experience. Yes fifa doesnt have the champions league by name, but the tournament they have is just fine as a substitute (i actually ended up playing barca in the final of my last one). Plus with the addition of FIFA Clubs and the physics/animations overhaul thats evident on the FIFA ’09 demo..PES looks inferior as ever. 10 v 10 Be-a-pro with a custom club and league? The new Adidas live that will update players weekly based on performance? Wow. And with some 10x as many players on the Fifa franchise, this year is going to be better than ever, on and offline.

    Maybe its because currently i’m the 1,212 ranked player in the world in ’08(not a bragger :P), but i’m looking very much forward to all the improvements and making another run at the fifa interactive world cup this year. Again, EA’s fifa ’09 is poised to rule, and now, im not so sure PES fans will even have the whole “gameplay is better with ours” arguement anymore, but time will tell.

    Yes, keane scoring for liverpool is crazy! however, they didnt need him to do it today when they beat my devils. we were too busy putting it in our own net. 🙁

  • Trev

    Sam I share your pain 🙁

    But back to topic. I just played the FIFA 09 demo about 4 matches and I have not been blown away. The frame rates in replays and some cut scenes were not nice and some texture pop-ups and players disappearing for cut scenes really ruin the immersion. I could happily buy it but I am eagerly awaiting the PES demo to compare. If they have sorted out the arcade gameplay and frame rate then Konami may yet hold on to me.

  • Sam

    Hmmm..ill definitely have to go back and take a closer look at the replays etc. but again, framerates in cutscene or replay?..not gonna break the deal. the demo is without commentary and other noticible quirks, so maybe this is something that’ll be tightened in the full version. either way, im sold (as if i ever could be otherwise since i’ve owned every fifa game invented pretty much) on staying with EA. Challengers always welcome on ’08 (SamManUTD = ps3 id), although right now, im going through a bit of ‘digital cleansing’ to be fresh for the new style in ’09. having a blast with the american football with madden ’09 for now. cheers

  • @sam: There was also stuttering during gameplay, not only replays, and close ups fell to about 15 fps. These slowdowns took away the feel of the game. On PS2, it looked like a live actual match [if you were watching from far away of course], but the slowdowns and stuttering detract from the game. The replays also felt silky smooth on PS2, where you could play at an arbitrary speed, enjoying the sweet animations, which also added to the feel of the game.

    I’d buy PES08 if it looked similar to its PS2 version, and fluid. I just refused to buy an actual PS2 game for my PS3.

  • Sam

    Well, my brother came over for a pint, and a match or two, and he definitely agrees with you both. There does seem to be a little drop, even though Im very excited about the hundred+ animations (mid-air collisions, heading angles, etc.). I did fail to mention that a number of the lads i met at last year’s tournament told me that they used pes to better fine tune their skill in the manual shooting on fifa. ive found for sometime that shooting/passing on manual is the way to truly take control of your game on offense and apparently others have benefitted from konami’s title. that being said, i plan on investing in both games this year for the ps3, so at some point, i’ll be happy to offer some unbiased thoughts on the gameplay/visuals of both…unless anyone else is to be a frivalous as I. 🙂