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Bioshock Demo to Hit PSN Oct 2nd |

The title says it all! The BioShock demo is scheduled to go live worldwide on the PLAYSTATION Network on October 2nd. That’s less than one month until you get your first taste of Rapture on the PS3.


That’s very welcome news! I’m interested in getting Bioshock but it will depend on just how good it is on the PS3 and making a playable demo available on the PSN is a good move.

I will be in NYC then though (well I’m supposed to be) so I’ll have to download it when I get back to the UK the following Monday.

From what I’ve seen so far it’s looking good:

Bioshock Demo to Arrive Oct 2nd

PS3 Fort Frolic trailer

  • Pc

    I bought Bioshock for my pc a while back and ended up only playing just a little bit of it. My computer couldn’t run it the way i wanted it to run, plus i got tired of the keyboard and mouse controls. I can’t wait to finally play this game with my dualshock 3 and on my hdtv ! It’s a great game…..another day one purchase for me.

  • This is also a definite download, but I will probably wait a while before buying the game. Because I haven’t yet played MGS4 and besides LBP is just around the corner!