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Exclusive DLC for PS3 Version of Mirror’s Edge? Meh |

I really like the look of Mirror’s Edge. I have to say though, I’m not at all bothered if the PS3 version does get exclusive DLC, or any DLC at all.

Of course I have no idea what the DLC could be but so far, I’ve been very un-impressed with the various DLC that has been released for PS3 games so far.

The only DLC I have bought was for Resistance in the form of Map Pack 1 and I regretted it straight away because it took so long for Insomniac to incorporate the new maps into ranked Team Objective games.

The DLC in Mirror’s Edge will have to be pretty spectacular to grab my attention (or be free)!

The game does look great but I hope it’s not too unforgiving and has plenty of checkpoints at regular intervals. I watched a gameplay vid of a dev making his way through a section of the game and he died loads at the same spot. That could get very repetitive and fast!!

Anybody else keeping their eyes on Mirror’s Edge?

  • Actually I have liked what I have seen so far.

    And in the devs defence you have to take into consideration that he was (as I recall) being interviewed while playing the game. So maybe he had a bit of trouble concentrating?

    But even though I like what they have showed of the game so far, I am also a bit wary of the gameplay. I got tired of Assassin’s Creed very quickly and am a bit afraid that this game also becomes to much of a “chore”.

    So I will definitely download a demo , if there will be one, otherwise I probably will get it when the price has been lowered, or I will simply borrow it from the library.