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New Blu-ray movies for the week 9.15.08 |

The rate of Blu-ray movies coming out lately has been great. Plenty to pick from lately. Anything for you this week?

* 1408
* 88 Minutes
* Another Cinderella Story
* Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might / Lord Slug
* Emperor of the Seas
* Great North (IMAX)
* The Hulk
* Leatherheads
* The Love Guru
* Madagascar
* Made of Honor
* The Mist
* Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
* Pushing Daisies: The Complete First Season
* The Pyongyang Concert – New York Philharmonic & Lorin Maazel
* Risky Business
* Scenic National Parks: Crown Jewels Collection
* Scenic National Parks: Yosemite
* Scenic National Parks: Grand Canyon
* Scenic National Parks: Yellowstone
* Speed and Angels
* Speed Racer
* Torchwood: The Complete First Season

  • Nothing for me here, since I already have all parts of PotC…

    Still waiting for LotR and Fight Club… will buy both day one, no matter the costs!

  • I wouldn’t mind buying both the Pirates 3-movie set or Golden Compass. I just have to get myself a HD-tv first. Which I probably will next month.

  • I am beginning to think that these posts are becoming unnecessary, there’s a constant flow of titles pouring. Let me know when Forest Gump hits the shelves, tho.

  • Well, they are even more useless for Europe… at least to some degree (region coding… which now is again becoming quite a nuisance), as we have different release schedules for everthing here… (i.e. in Germany, there still is no Black Hawk Down^^)

    But other than the, the highlights should be posted.

  • Yeah, like transformers finally coming to bluray is a good example..

    Also, the studios should not apply the region coding to movies that has already been shown in theatres all around the world.