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WipEout HD Dated and Priced (US) |

WipEout HD has finally been giving a date and price, well for North America at least:

Your wipEout HD thirst will be quenched on September 25. Yes, that’s right, just 10 days from today. For just $19.99, wipEout HD will be available for download only and includes the following awesomeness:

* Full HD Visuals
* 5 Game Modes – Single Race, Tournament, Time Trial, Speed Lap and Zone Mode
* Online play that supports up to 8 racers competing on a track at a time
* 2-player split screen (horizontally and vertically) offline
* 8 reversible tracks and 12 teams
* Optional use of SIXAXIS motion controls to steer your ship
* A great soundtrack remixed in Dolby 5.1 AND the option for custom playlists that allow you to race to whatever playlists you have on your HDD
* And more, including Trophy support, which we’ll outline for you in a future post – so keep your eyes peeled.

That should be £9.99 when it finally hits the UK Store. I’m not sure if I’m tempted by that. I’m very choosy over which games I buy over PSN after I got badly burned with that pile of steaming crap known as Warhawk.

I’ve never really been a fan of racers or WipEout before anyway. Still, I know a lot of people are really looking forward to WipEout HD.

WipEout HD Dated and Priced

  • gb135

    it will be £11.99 in the UK, got announced last week…..everywhere !!

  • SOLD! Day one 😀

  • You’re too hard on Warhawk. I have a lot of fun with it.

  • Trev

    Eurogamer just reviewed it 9/10.

  • Wow, someone is sharing my thoughts on Warhawk.. Finally.. My worst 40 usd spent on a game. (My worst 10usd is pain.. It is an insult to gaming, with its ludicrously low gravity, running at 30fps without looking impressive, and priced as high as the awesomeness that is SuperStardust, and let’s not forget the microtransactions; but it managed to catch on with many people, it remains a mistery to me)

  • Paul

    Got to defend Warhawk here!! Warhawk is one of the best games on PSN, and that is saying something as there are some fine games on there. To appreciate it fully I reckon you need a few friends with it as well, you also need to play it for a few hours and be good at gaming generally! 🙂

    As for Wipeout; can’t wait!

  • darrin

    I didn’t like Warhawk either (too much of a generic multiplayer frag-fest), but I know plenty of people genuinely enjoyed it, I don’t want to rain on their parade. It also did have better graphics, more polish, and far more stability than the similar game Battlefield 2 on the PC.

    But on Wipeout HD: definite buy for me! I’ve never played a Wipeout game before, so I’d like to try, and it’s a third the price of Motorstorm.

  • John

    To each is own. I personnally deleted SuperStardust after the first 30 seconds: just another boring shooter (same goes for 1942, NovaStrike, and the other 2 shooters whose name eludes me). But then, I got bored of all top-down shooters sometime last century 🙂

  • I really like Warhawk,exactly because it is a fragfest.

    It’s quite fun running, driving or flying around just shooting all opponents you meet while desperately tring not to be killed yourself. I like it, because there is no strategy you have to follow, so you don’t have to depend on anybody else if you don’t want to.

    As for Wipeout HD, does anybody know what music it will contain?

  • Trieloth

    Wipeout is coming woot woot! Should be alot better than fatal inerta :/.

    Warhawk..well I love and hate that game. Its really hard to enjoy the game, especially since I like ground combat more than air combat.

  • mcloki

    John with tongue firmly in cheek.
    You’re dead to me. 😉
    SSHD is one of the best games on the PSN. Redownload it and give it another chance. It’s surprisingly deep for a “mindless shooter” I still play it almost weekly.
    Wipeout will be a download for me for sure. Part of it is the hype, but it does look good. I’m hoping one of the unlockables is the ‘epileptic seizure mode”

  • I all ready have Fatal Inertia, and will have to see a demo or something before I get this as well. Fatal Inertia is pretty cool and so far it fills my need for a super fast flying racer, plus it’s Canadian eh…