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Game Retailers Prefer the Xbox 360 |

When one hundred game retailers were randomly sampled with the question, “What video game system should I buy for a 15 year-old boy?”, 64% said 360, and another 18% said either 360 or Wii, and only 16% suggested the PS3. Wow, that’s a very strong preference.


The 360 Pros cited were “Largest game library with widest selection”, “Best system for online games”, and “More user friendly”

The PS3 Cons cited were “Limited game library”, “More technology than a teen needs”

Read the full report at Kotaku.

I’m honestly surprised that retailers perceive such a large difference in game library size. By my own personal count, the PS3 has a much better selection of exclusives in 2008, and the multiplatform titles have all been high quality.

Any theories on why retailers have such a strong 360 preference or why they perceive such a large difference in game selection?

  • M$ encourages that perhaps? Seriously though I think some people still don’t want the PS3 to succeed in any way. The console wars this gen is really heated. I simply didn’t get a 360 because the games I want are on the PS3, and free online.

    As far as the gaming libraries, that’s not a issue any longer. PS3 has a solid diverse library and much more to come.

  • I’ve used the 360 and it seems like it was designed for a teenage boy. They can MSN with their friends, its easy to start a game, and its got enough visuals to keep them entertained. Its also cheap…200$ CDN for the entry level one.

    The PS3 is much more powerful, but it really does require more patience (and a bit more technical ability) than what a typical teenager has. Access to MSN is a big selling point for teenagers as they pretty much live on it.

  • Rjcc

    “By my own personal count, the PS3 has a much better selection of exclusives in 2008”

    so…if you limit the competition to MGS4 vs Ninja Gaiden 2 & Too Human and throw out 2/3 of the time the xbox 360 has been on the market, and half the time for the PS3, you’ve almost got an argument for buying it?

    If you look at all the games available today, it the PS3 doesn’t measure up. unfortunately MGS4 doesn’t discount games like Gears, Halo, Mass Effect, etc.

    although actually, I agree with the thought that the whole time the PS3 was available without a vibrating controller and with backwards compatibility should be thrown out. that’s when I bought mine and I didn’t find much use for it.

  • Mike

    This actually makes sense. A game retailer knows that 360 is moving the most third party software, and is more likely to be purchased by someone who shops at a game-only store. Wii software is probably sold in vast quantities at Wal-Mart and such. Hell you even see the really barrel scraping stuff at Kohl’s along with dirt cheap DS and PS2 games. Not the kind of high-margin product a store like GameStop would interested in (not when it isn’t a used game sale anyhow).

    PS3 would be in the same position if the price difference still didn’t exist (and in some respects has widened if people don’t care that the arcade unit of 360 doesn’t have a hard drive).

  • Darrin

    Even looking at 360’s complete back catalog, with Gears, Halo, Mass Effect, Crackdown, Shadowrun, Dead Rising, and XBLA titles… I don’t see it having a big advantage of back catalog exclusives.

    If you were comparing the game lineups in mid-2007, the PS3’s lineup was far short of the 360. They were way behind on multiplatform titles and the exclusives in 2007 (up until late October) were mediocre, and PSN selection was very slim. Now, the PS3 is completely on par with multiplatform titles, and has a much better selection of exclusives and PSN content that is very competitive with the 360.

  • Here in the UK, the PS3 seems to be increasing in popularity among retailers.

    A year ago, going into a store like GAME to buy PS3 software was akin to buying porn – you had to go right to the back of the store, past all the other formats, to get your game. It was as if they were ashamed to be selling it.

    But the PS3 section is gradually moving towards the front of the store. You now only have to pass the 360 and PC sections. So it seems they’re starting to realise which way the pendulum is swinging.

    Possibly the most alarming thing for me, though, is how so many retailers can happily recommend that someone purchase such a staggeringly unreliable piece of equipment.

  • Rjcc

    ….in your personal opinion.

    in actual numbers, it dwarfs the PS3 catalog.
    if MGS4 is the game you want to play, or resistance, or ratchet & clank, then sure, PS3 has the exclusive you want. same goes for the 360 exclusive titles. but the numbers aren’t close.

    I don’t point to metacritic as a beacon of what is .5 better or worse than another title, but I think it shows an example of what i’m talking about. there’s about 90 ps3 games averaging a score of 75+, vs. 180 xbox 360 games. drop down to an average of 70, it’s 235 to 124.

    I don’t disagree that its selection has become competitive, I think that this fall, it’s a viable gaming alternative to the 360 because of the selection and the updates. I still don’t see it as on an even par however.

    I think mike has a point as well, in reference to why retailers prefer the 360, I’m sure their margin on those mass market games is a bigger effect on their bottom line than the relatively niche ps3, because it still costs $400 or more to start. If they can send little johnny home with an arcade 360 and rock band 2 set for ~$400 or just a PS3 for the same amount, which makes them more money?

  • James

    I believe the reason the difference is so huge is because of not only price points but advertising. I see more 360 TV ads on the scale of 5:1. As far as exclusives go, Killzone was much better than Halo (IMO) and I’m expecting KZ2 to kill H3. Also, I didn’t care for Gears. Overrated, much like the Halo series NG2 was OK, first one was better, and you can get that one on PS3 (Sigma). Forza is a good series though and I wish GT would pick up on some of their stuff. As far as Mass Effect goes, it was pretty cool, but plagued with rendering issues. PS3 exclusives are more James-friendly. I love MGS4, R&C, Uncharted (super stoked for the sequel), Resistance series, and a ton of upcoming sequels including LBP and GoWIII. Plus my PS3 has never messed up on me (generation 1 60GB) but I’m now on my 3rd 360 because of the RRoD.

  • James

    sequels=games. my bad

  • I’ll have to admit that xbox provides more fun per dollar spent, esp. for teen audiences. The advice given was realistic. If the guy said he owned a HD home theatre system and was buying for himself, they might have gone with the PS3.

  • mpz

    Bit of a change from …

    Anyway – kinda interesting although ultimately meaningless. Although the 15 yo boy demographic isn’t insignificant, it isn’t the biggest either. Isn’t the average ‘gamer’ age more like 30 these days?

    If anything, it just reinforces to most of the ‘gaming’ public that an xbox probably shouldn’t be on their shopping list. I for one don’t really fancy playing online against 15 yo american boys.

  • Pc

    The retailers are all about the money, and right now their seems to be plenty of idiots that don’t mind buying crap hardware that is guaranteed to break at some time, and also paying just to play with their friends online. So that explains it all right there. They choose the 360 because it is a cheap console (literally in 2 ways), and the people keep buying it for some reason.
    p.s. anybody that still brings up the whole “ps3 has no games thing”, doesn’t know anything obviously. I have 13 ps3 disk based games, and countless psn games. 2008 is going to be killer ! I’m gonna need to get some overtime in at work. 🙂

  • Pc

    Btw, I don’t mean to upset anybody in here that owns a 360. I used to own one too, but i got smart and i will never purchase another microsoft product until it’s been out for about a year and has proven itself to be a worthwhile product.

  • PSN: Lifendz

    Figures. Most people would reccomend a teenager’s first car be a “starter car” and not a BMW.

    360=starter car

    I like that PSN is not full of obnoxious little kids. I also like that you have to go out and get a headset. This means every Tom Dick and Harry isn’t going to have one and believe me when I say there are some people I’m glad don’t have headsets. Then again there’s always the mute button.

  • JimmyStewart

    Huh, sounds about right to me. I own all three consoles and over 30 titles on the 360. 6 for the Wii and 4 for the PS3. To date the PS3 has been an incredibly strong piece of hardware but it’s given me little on the software side to appreciate. Honestly, half of the four PS3 games I bought were purchased simply to have something to play on my new PS3 more than anything.

    Also, I guess exclusives are in the eye of the beholder but it’s really hard to believe anyone could even compare the 360 exclusives to the PS3 exclusives. Taking personal opinion out of the issue both Gears of War 2 and Fable 2 are destined to be two of the best games we’ll see on this round of consoles unless something completely crazy crops up. Both of which appear prime candidates for a game of the year. For the PS3, what’s looking like the biggest title in 08 is Resistance. If the prior game is any indication it’ll be another solid and capable shooter, but just as Resistance wasn’t really in consideration for game of the year I don’t see Resistance 2 doing much more to elevate the franchise. If you’re going to go out on a limb and include LBP than toss in Viva 2 and B&K – Nuts and Bolts on the 360 side. Once again you get more variety and a lower price to boot.

    Simply put, 2008 is another year where the PS3 has been the most powerful system on the market but has done almost NOTHING to capitalize on it. For the entire year, Resistance 2 is looking to be the only PS3 title I’ll purchase. God of War 3 next year will more than make up for the drought in my eyes… but you can’t blame people for being disappointed. If you only have the choice of one console, sure you can find a lot of the same third party titles and it probably seems like the PS3 has a massive library. But with the ability to buy on all three there’s little enticement to buy anything on the PS3. The exclusives aren’t up to par and I’d rather play the multi-console games on with my friends on the console everyone I know already owns.

    While the PS3 made some strong strides this year it continues to remain my Blu-Ray player and the 360 remains my game machine… and the Wii, well it mostly is used to collect some of the dust from my entertainment center.

  • Rjcc

    jimmystewart – you’re really not going to buy LBP? that trailer is the reason I own a PS3.

  • Darrin

    rjcc, you’re right, the raw 360 SKU count dwarfs the PS3 count. But SKU count and genuine selection and diversity of quality games are really different things. For example, the 360 has much richer collection of ports and remakes from older games, which is a big strength, but it really pads those SKU counts and Metacritic scores.

    Jimmy, I genuinely do prefer the PS3 exclusives, although I readily admit that I’m a minority opinion (even on this thread on a PS3 site, which is a surprise), and I try not to bash the 360 or it’s games or its fans (ok, maybe posts like this one made a small jab). I also try not to bash PS3 games I don’t like. Yes, I really do prefer Resistance to Gears, and I know the genre quite a bit (I’ve played most of all the major shooters)

    I’m sure that retail workers recommend popular games and consoles just like a waiter at a restaurant would recommend a popular dish, but I also suspect that most game store workers tend to form personal preferences towards the game platforms just like regular gamers do rather than based on which platforms earn their bosses the most money, and those personal preferences do influence recommendations.

  • James

    People that work in shops don’t know anything. That’s why they work in a shop.

  • The PS3 got off on the wrong foot for the 1st year and a half. During that time it’s former playstation only titles were going multi or being rumored to. 3rd party devs were giving it sloppy ports compared to the 360 version. I know they couldn’t avoid it but allowing Microsoft out the door first let them get a jump on 3rd party exclusives deals and that fiasco of an E3 ’05 really hurt the Playstation name.

    I’m a Playstaion fan and always will be but I think Sony really messed up this gen. Microsoft is starting to make a dent in japan with all of the rpg support their getting from Enix and Mistwalker and others.

    The 360 does have something for everyone, you can’t deny that. But it won’t make me a 360 buyer, just a dissappointed Sony supporter.