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White Knight Chronicles Coming in December to Japan |

Developers Level 5 have set the release date for the Japanese version of White Knight Chronicles to 12/25. No word on when the western release will follow. For those that haven’t been following, this game is being published by Sony and developed by Level 5 which have a strong reputation for developing some of the best Japanese RPGs in recent years.


One other interesting quote from the interview (full translation here):

Aki: That’s why we have added in a lot of elements where the players will be enjoying. WKC is an Epic RPG title,but we have added in some element from the recent game, therefore it will become a very interesting game packed with MAJOR interesting game features.

Q: So there conclusion is, the game is not just about sitting back to see the story, there’s another face behind the game ,with a different play style? Is this right?
Aki: that’s right, WKC has Interesting elements that are not found in the current RPGs, we are unable to reveal it now, but this is not a game where you could just put yourself into adventure ,it is way more than that.


This sounds like much more than a tech upgrade or a yearly sequel; This sounds like a highly ambitious effort with some big ideas from a top tier developer. I can’t wait to give this a shot.

(thanks to mcloki in the shoutbox 🙂 )

  • Agreed. I cannot wait for his title. I really liked Rouge Galaxy. Even though I played it on the PS3 and the uprezing wasn’t the hottest being a ps2 game.. I can’t wait to see what a fully PS3 game is going to look like. I also wish they would talk a bit about Dark Cloud 3. Hopefully the translation into English won’t take too long and the title will be out March-April. Though I have a feeling it might be June before it comes out.

  • Hm, it sounds as if they are talking about either an artificial intelligence or some sort of online opponent, that you are playing agaist or maybe even competing with, perhaps on completing missions.

    Or is that too farfetched?

  • Stephen

    I hope they will localize this to North America soon.

    I’ve been waiting for quite a while

  • Import ftw! If they have an english option that is..

  • ehandlr

    They alread announced some in depth online play. If you look at the very first video where it does the mission select option…on the right hand side of each option you will see a little “online” symbol. So it seems some missions are online only.

    Also on the topic of Level 5…..they have a surprise big announcement on 9/26. No idea what it is.

  • HachiRoku

    Yikes… this “shocking announcement” from Level-5 isn’t exactly making me giddy like a schoolgirl. Maybe I’m still shivering from the shocking announcement I got at E3 from Squeenix…

    Here’s hoping the announcement is a pleasant one!

  • Here’s hoping for Dark Cloud 3 and more rpgs for the PS3, exclusively!

  • Darrin

    lol @ HachiRoku!

    This game is being published by Sony, so we won’t will get a FFXIII style shocker. There are rumors that they may unveil a new self-published game though, which I would expect to be multi-platform.

  • Stephen

    I would be so happy if Level-5 announces they got the rights and is working on Lunar 3

    Ah..I can always dream..

  • There’s a countdown at L5’s site. *crosses fingers for good PS3 rpg news*

  • ehandlr

    Stephen..I like the cut of your jib Sir. That would rock my world…