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Life with PlayStation now out |

I only checked this out for a couple minutes before work so I can’t give a full impression yet. But first thing I noticed is that it doesn’t have very many cities yet. It doesn’t list mine either. Hopefully they’ll add more cities over time.

It’s to bad you can’t add your own city via zip code to get the weather and news for your area. It’s just using Google news for the news in that area. Oh well, maybe in a later update?

A cool feature with Life with PlayStation is real time clouds all over the world. They are updated about every hour or so. That info is coming from University of Wisconsin. And the actual weather is from the Weather Channel. It also has a web cams for the supported cities to.

To update just start up [email protected], after the update the icon will change to Life with Playstation. Let us know what you think.

[email protected] does run in the background so might as well join our folding team 55054 😉

Start your “Life with PlayStation”

  • Darrin

    This is like a neat screensaver or dashboard. The globe model is gorgeous with real time lighting and cloud cover and it’s cool to rotate around, but this really doesn’t do much.

    The news feature is neat, but it’s hampered by the PS3’s weak web browser, and the weather feature is nice, but it doesn’t seem to given chance of rain/snow or do daily/weekly forecasts.

    It’s a neat free add-on, but really nothing more at this point.

  • Since Sony is working with Google, maybe they should just incorporate Google’s Chrome browser into the PS3 to replace the lame browser that the PS3 has.

  • mcloki

    Tosh you read my mind. If Google ports Chrome then SAfari could be ported as well as a few other browsers that use Webkit as the underlying engine. There are still plug ins that do not work on the PS3. Flash and the like.
    Overall LWP is nice. but off the top of my head it needs a few things.

    1. Locate Friends. Maybe when HOME launches my Avatar will show up in Toronto for all of my friends to see. With a thought bubble over my head telling you what game I’m playing
    2. The cloud cover shouldn’t go away when yo zoom in. Maybe get transparent but I really like the cloud cover feature.
    3. The city pictures are nice. Except Toronto looks like every other city. Needs more Landmark specific shots. I’m still figuring out if the shots are webcams or just stills. I’ll check it again tonight to see if it changes.

    Things i like.
    1.Love that fact that you can play music and be inside of LWP. Now i can listen to the 1upPodcast and fold at the same time. That’s great.
    2. The news feature is really nice. Though it might be of limited use.
    3. The channels are interesting. I wonder what other channels are going to be introduced.
    4. The Possibility that we will get more folding members. 55045 join in kids. We’ve done remarkably well for a relatively small group of people.

  • I’d like the ability to manually enter a news search keyword…looks like it is just pulling Google news for “Vancouver” etc, so why not allow the user to specify a specific keyword.

    Clouds were not working when I tried it today at lunch, but the rest of it was nice. The “mood” music picker seemed to work.

    Looks like they could extend it with more channels in the future, I could see putting in a Store channel.

    Chrome currently uses some Windows specific code (actually uses some Microsoft open source stuff) and in order to make a PS3 version they would have to implement the API for the PS3; I imagine the PS3 is quite unlike Windows, so that might take a while.

  • One thought I had mcloki is that your friends list would show up in LwP on the map. How cool would that be 😀

  • mpz

    Chrome is a win32 application – its going to take some time to port it to anything else, and along the way they’ll have problems.

    Real-time clouds? I wasn’t sure and too lazy to check. But that’s nice. I guess it’s a nice music player. Pity the news doesn’t use the full browser – e.g. you cannot zoom which makes it almost unreadable where I sit from the TV. And I already have google news up by default in front of me all day.

    Oh, and although the day/night cycle is nice – its too dark when i’ts dark! If you’re checking the news in the evening you can’t find the local places very well – and you just get a big black screen while you go across the pacific. We just had a full moon and it’s actually quite bright outside even at night. And I would rather I could turn off [email protected], power is too expensive here.

    Quibbles aside – its a nice freebie.

  • BTW, how about trophies for protein folding? That’d be nice 😀 There were trophies for free application, and trophies for folding would re-popularize folding.

  • I think that would be a good idea Emrah. There is one free game that has trophies though. It’s called “Mainichi Issho” it’s on the Japanese store, but sadly it’s all in Japanese, to bad there isn’t subtitles. But here are the trophies for that game:

    – Install the September update
    – Read Toro Station 3 times
    – Read Toro Station 10 times

    – Read Toro Station 30 times
    – Read Toro Station 50 times

    – Read Toro Station 90 times
    – Read Toro Station 120 times