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Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion Trailer and Info |

The Bloodline Rebellion expansion of Tekken 6 will bring the total number of characters to 40, and 4 new stages with bring it to 16 total. The customization has been given a upgrade as well. This expansion will arrive at arcades in Japan this December. The PS3 version …. is late 09 🙁 I don’t even have Tekken 6 at the local arcade.

The 2 new characters are Alisa Boskonovich (I assume she’s Dr. Boskonovich’s daughter?), and she’s a fighting robot. And Lars Alexanderson is the other new character. Photo of them here:

If you watch the video below you’ll see some items moves. Xiaoyu’s item is funny. If it hits, it turns the opponents head into a panda head, lol. You’ll see Alisa Boskonovich’s item move at the very end too.


  • PS3 version is late 09???? WTH WHY?!

  • No idea 🙁 The arcade version is running on PS3 hardware even! Guess they want to make more money from the Arcades first …

  • Or port it to the 360 is what I’m reading into this. First they say after SCIV, then 1 year after arcade is released now this stuff. I bet at next year’s E3 ( or sooner ) Namco will announce a 360 version. *sigh*

  • Is there any multiplatform game that shipped more than a few weeks earlier on PS3? If you can show me any, I’ll stop speculating that for multiplatfrom releases, MS does not allow a PS3-first launch.

    I’m sure they are making money from arcades, but not releasing this is silly. Not everyone has PS3’s.

  • Trieloth

    I dont want this to end up on the 360. Iam so sick and tire of these multiplatform games….Doesnt M$ have DOA anyways?

  • Tekken has always been on the PlayStation, to it should stay there. I think Tekken at one point got ported to DS though, Tekken 3 or tag maybe ?

  • Xervai

    Is there any multiplatform game that shipped more than a few weeks earlier on PS3?

    Unreal Tournament 3 and Virtua Fighter 5. There are probably a few other timed exclusives I am unaware of.

  • Thanks for the info, Xervai.

  • I’ll wait until Namco confirms a release date before I start cussing someone out. Late 09 sounds completly stupid to release a game that’s already running smoothly on PS3 hardware in the Arcades.