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LittleGoldPlanet: 21-Oct-08 |

LittleBigPlanet has gone gold and is due to hit stores in North America on 10/21/08 (a Tuesday). Obviously there hasn’t been 9 new months suddenly added to the calendar, that’s just how the crazy Americans write the date. 😉

It is scheduled to hit the UK on Fri 24th Oct. 😀

October 21st: North America & Latin America
October 22nd: Europe, Australia & New Zealand
October 24th: UK & Ireland

Japan should get it around Oct 27th.

If you are a fan of Trophies, you can see a list of what lies in store for eager Trophy collectors in LBP here.

You’re going to have to be pretty creative if you want to earn the Platinum Trophy…

LittleBigPlanet Goes Gold

  • I’m getting this DAY 1! 😀

  • Yep, me too. I’m looking forward to seeing your LBP level Tosh. 🙂

  • Trev

    Where are you English guys pre-ordering the game? I’m getting confused with all the different deals everywhere, which one is the best?

  • Not sure. I’ll probably use my credit notes from GameStation.

    Don’t really have the cash to buy games now so I’m missing out on a load of PSN games that I badly want as a result. 🙁

  • Cetram

    Hi, long time reader, first time poster !
    I’m getting this game on day one too !!
    I was wondering a silly question: why does every worldwide release as this one is not out on the same day in all countries ? Why is it out on a 4-day span ?