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Eight Days test footage. |

Here’s some early footage of the now cancelled Eight Days. Showing a cover system which I must admit isn’t too impressive. The reason I state this is because I’ve seen a lot of posts from people saying at how amazing it is but I can see why this game was cancelled. Enjoy what might have been though.

Makes we want a sequel to Uncharted 😀

  • Solid animation..

  • James

    cover system wouldn’t be too bad if the animation was worked on a bit (a lot). The transitions are horrible, but the concept behind the system is actually pretty good. But like the sliding over surfaces could use a lot of tweaking, it’s pretty much as ridiculous as Stranglehold’s (which was still a very fun game in my opinion).

  • darrin

    Looks like a sophisticated character animation system. I would imagine that such technology can be reused on other projects.

    Too bad the video was pulled.

  • Trev

    found another version so video works again 😀
    i think they keep getting pulled so if its not up a simple search on youtube or gametrailers should find it!

  • The multiple height cover system is quite nice. I think the transition animations need work but then again it is a demo to find exactly those types of problems.
    And I’m sure this type of tech will find it’s way into another game or engine.