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Poll: Are You Looking Forward to Home? |


Rumours are swirling that PlayStation Home will be made available next month at the same time as LittleBigPlanet. So it looks like Home is almost upon us. I know Tosh has made it into the beta and has both good things and bad things to say. I, unfortunately, have not been so lucky to make it into the Home beta, and I would give up both my R2 and SOCOM beta invites for the chance (I didn’t enjoy either beta). Ah well, such is life.

The in-game launch feature requires that the game supports it if you want to end up in the game together, otherwise it’s just like launching a game from the XMB. Is this going to limit Home’s usefulness? I think so, for the foreseeable future at least. Games need to support Home for Home to be worth using!

So anyway, are you looking forward to Home? Vote in the sidebar as always.

Previous poll results:

Do you use a headset?

* Bluetooth: 45% (69)
* Will get the official Sony one: 23% (35)
* Nope: 21% (33)
* USB: 12% (18)

Total Votes : 155

  • mcloki

    I’m looking forward to it. I think it will take a while before developers use it well. I wonder if non developer will be able to make spaces “Clubhouses” available top regular people.
    I think a clubhouse would be pretty cool. A virtual hangout for people who read this blog.
    Make it easier to set up team matches.

  • darrin

    Current beta is nice, and easy, but there is nothing to do. A handful of OK mini-games, but otherwise it’s just a fancy chat room…

    However, I’m VERY excited about the future of that service. They need to build it out a little more.

  • I have very few friends on PSN. So I think this will be a lot more fun once a few more of my real-world friends get PS3’s. Two of them said they want to, so now I’m waiting!

  • Pc

    I sure am looking forward to it. Home is going to allow you and your friends to finally communicate the way everybody has been wanting to. Home to me is like a “live” xbox live :)….an mmo live. Plus it allows for sooo much more ! It will be a great addition once all the features roll out.

  • Trev

    I know how you feel Henning. All my friends i made by playing them online. i think home will be as good as you make it and that all depends on your friends and what you do with them. i’m looking forward to it though even if i don’t understand what it does…

    oh and lots of people have headsets already. i’ve been waiting for an official sony one myself. it looks sleek. i can’t wait.

  • JimmyStewart

    I’ve been a beta user for about a year now, but I have to say I’m really unimpressed so far. Like darrin said there really isn’t much to do outside of some weak mini-games. They almost make the “date” activities in GTA seem fun.

    Plus every time I load it up lately I’ve had to download new files for each area I enter. I think it’s been that way since they redesigned it months ago. It’s hard to say for sure, but I don’t remember it happening on the earlier versions. Granted it might also be because I don’t really find any reason to load it up. The few times I’ve launched it in the past six months were just to show to friends who wanted to know what the “Home” buzz was. The 15 minute wait before I can re-download the next area kinda kills it pretty fast.