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Resistance 2 Gameplay Videos |

A handful of new Resistance 2 videos has come out. Below is a good one and gametrailers has several more.

This game definitely seems to have polarizing effect on the enthusiast community. This game has a very large number of passionate fans and a large number venomous haters. There are also some who are lukewarm and in between the two extremes, but in general, this game definitely seems to evoke an unusually large number of highly emotional reactions on both ends of the spectrum.

So let’s hear it: Great game with an even more amazing sequel? Or wildly overhyped run of the mill shooter?

I definitely vote in the former camp. The first title is one of the best single player shooters on the market today, based on a high variety of shooting mechanics and level design. And this sequel looks impressive: In addition to major technical upgrades, this seems like it has some very clever gameplay enhancements for single-player, co-op, and multiplayer modes.

IGN’s preview was surprisingly strong:

Although I only had a few hours to play all three modes of Resistance 2, it struck me as phenomenally deep — much more than we’d ever expected. Essentially three full games in one cohesive Blu-ray package, Resistance 2 could easily be one of the largest games of the year and definitely in contention for Game of the Year honors when it is released at the beginning of November.

  • Pungyeon

    Beyond anything, I’m looking forward to the multiplayer. Not because it looks good, not because I have an opinion, but simply because Resistance 1 was my favourite multiplayer FPS of all time…. yes…. Not COD4. Resistance FOM.

    Insomniac also really incoorporate a decent single player campaign (they know how to), by todays standards, so… yays

  • Resistance 1 was one of the two first games I bought for my PS3. I really liked it, and right after I had completed the single player campaign a friend came over and we went through the co-op campaign. I wasn’t too thrilled about the multiplayer mainly because I like storydriven games.

    Except for Warhawk, which I think rocks.

    So I am definintely looking forward to and buying Resistance 2. It looks really good.

  • Gibb

    Split-screen, 8 player co-op, 60 player online, Insomniac and the fact that I loved the first one = day one for me!

  • Gibb: where’d you hear about splitscreen? Anything even semi-official? I’ve been Googling it all over the place, and haven’t found a credible source saying splitscreen was in.

  • hobbes

    yeah, would be nice if they’d show/confirm split screen, maybe my only hang up for the game, i’d be shocked if Rfom 1 had this and the 2nd one didn’t.

  • Pc

    This will easily be one of the best FPS’s EVER MADE !

  • Pc

    Yes guys, Resistance 2 does have splitscreen, just like pt. 1 did. They wouldn’t take that out just to put online co-op in.

  • Pc

    The only thing i don’t know is if it’s 2 player splitscreen still, or up to 4 players this time while playing through the campaign. I know you could play with up to 4 players while doing deathmatches or whatever.

  • ehandlr

    Can’t wait for this game….screw the haters. This is without a doubt one of the best FPS games I’ve ever played.

  • Pc: source?

  • Pc

    Well, here is what i was able to find out…..Genre: First-Person Shooter
    Local Play: 2 Co-Op
    Online Play: 60 Versus / 8 Co-Op

    I remember R:FOM having up to 4 player split screen death matches, and then also having 2 player co-op. Hopefully Resistance 2 will have the same as well as the new additions 🙂

  • hobbes

    but posts like this make me believe it may not have split screen–51.html

  • Pc

    R:FOM had it, so i guarantee you that they won’t be leaving it out on this one.