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Resistance 2 Single Player Campaign Wont Be Co Op |

There will be no split-screen co-op mode for Resistance 2. Remember that in the first Resistance, you could play through the single-player campaign with a buddy, splitscreen? My friend Steve and I had a blast doing that. Well, that’s not gonna happen for Resistance 2. My chances of purchasing this game just went down.

  • Darrin

    I think you got this wrong

    There will definitely be a split-screen co-op mode, but it will be in the co-op campaign, not the single-player campaign (which are separate campaigns this time).

    You can also play online co-op, but what’s up the air, is whether you can mix the two and have multiple people playing split-screen while also playing online with even more people.

  • Ian

    Co-op is in it, however co-op has its own story!

    I highly suggest you reconsider.

  • Henning

    Yes, I’ve written a subsequent post confirming that R2 DOES have a splitscreen co-op mode.

  • Teng

    There is no 2 player co-op campaign like in the first 1. If you play campaign, it’s just solo. Now for the so call amazing 8 player co-op, it’s more of a mission type rather than story campaign. You and other players online run around trying to collect blue stones. Instead of playing through a story campaign mode and upgrading this game from what everyone liked about the first one, they simply degrade it. I would no recommend it!

    I can’t believe they say it’s going to compete with Gears of War 2…

  • Mr. Robotron

    My wife and I have been looking forward to this game for months because of the 2 player co-op. Finally started to play and no freakin co-op. My wife had to watched me play the solo (bad move , should have let her play first). Anyway, this is a major let down. 2 player co-op is what made the first game so awesome. R2 is a major let down. Money back garuntee??Anyone??

  • Anthony

    Can you play coop campaign offline with resistance 2? Please Help.

  • Anthony

    hello anyone there

  • You can’t wait one minute?

    There is a splitscreen mode in Resistance 2, but it’s not going through the campaign. It’s basically the same as the online 8 player co-op mode, but only with two people. Supposedly the two of you can also go online to join 6 others, but I can’t get that to work.

  • r2 co-op blows

    co-op is not a actual co-op campaign, it is objective based levels with a ridiculously dumb way of playing. i hated the co-op. why did they take co-op campaign away from R2?