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Splitscreen Co-op in Resistance 2!! |

I e-mailed Insomniac about splitscreen support in Resistance 2, and this is the email I got back:

Hey Henning

This is Bryan Intihar, Community Manager at Insomniac Games. Ryan passed along your questions about splitscreen. I have some of those answers for you:

So far, we’ve confirmed that we’ll have splitscreen (offline) for up to two players in our new co-op mode. Expect more announcements concerning splitscreen as we get closer to launch.

Thanks againfor the e-mail.


Two player splitscreen co-op! Woo-hoo! Resistance 2 is moving up the list again! Unfortunately, nothing else has been confirmed. But things look promising…

  • Trieloth

    Not to seem rude, but man your obsessed with split screen co-op. Is it the only thing you desire in a game? The limited veiw kinda drives nutz, especially in FPS.
    MotorStorm PR did take a hit in the graphics department and it did piss me off at first until a buddy of mine was over wanted to race and play split screen. It did make the game alot of fun for a few laps. But Iam still not sure yet if split screen is “The Bomb”.

  • hobbes

    I’m a split screen nut as well, so I’m happy about this, puts RFOM 2 as a must by if they have split screen fun in it.

  • I just happen to be obsessed with splitscreen because it is the most common way for multiple people to play one game in the same room. I’m fine with other methods that share the screen between multiple players, like LittleBigPlanet.

    What’s important to me is the ability to play games with my friends in the same room. I’m a social creature, and find playing games by myself a lonely affair and frankly I get just as much or more enjoyment out of watching a good TV show, movie, or reading a book. But having a friend (or three) over to play games, that’s tops. Sharing experiences with others is what makes gaming fun for me.

    Some people counter that this is what online gaming is for. For me, personally, there’s a couple problems with that. I don’t have many friends with PS3’s, so it’s unlikely that I’ll find a friend online. Also, they have to have a headset in order to chat. Third, the game has to have good voice chat quality. Fourth, what if they end up on the opposite team? You’re not really playing with them then. So online is fun, yes. It’s better than unonline. But it’s still not the bees knees.

  • Darrin

    I already said this in a comment on the QuickNews item that you posted this morning.

    Split screen was in R1 and was always in R2. What’s up in the air is mixing both online + split-screen at the same time.

  • Yes, you said it. Others have said it. But I’ve never seen it confirmed in any source that was even semi-official.

  • Carl;)G

    More splitscreen games SONY please! 😉
    I love them. More 4 player off-line splitscreen games i want.
    Resistance had 4 player off-line splitscreen mode which was fun. The only thing it lacked was Bots + Profiles for each player. TimeSplitters 2 did it best, it had the Lot ;-P
    +Playing some randon people on-line is not the same as playing your real mates in the same room;)

  • I am assuming that when he says “Expect more announcements concerning splitscreen as we get closer to launch.” that Insomniac’s not gonna say “there are no more”. I think that’s a pretty safe assumption.

    So I’m guessing that they will also include 4 player splitscreen competitive, as they did with R1.

    But I’m REALLY hoping that they’ll announce 4 player splitscreen local co-op and 4 player splitscreen ONLINE competitive AND co-op. Frankly, I’d take any two of those three and be extremely happy.

  • Carl;)G: Yes, I bemoaned the lack of profiles support in current-gen games in a post a while back. Profiles really need to make a comeback.

  • Trieloth

    @Henning, humm I can see where your coming from, and it makes sense. Game On!! 🙂

  • Pc

    I had already confirmed this for yall in an earlier post. I already knew it was split screen, but i looked on ign for written proof, and then posted it as well.

  • Yes, but it was in the form of an unsubstantiated comment. I needed something a little more official. (Sorry.)

  • Gibb

    @ Henning: told you so =P

  • JimmyStewart

    Definitely seals the deal for me. If only it did have dual profile/trophy support. Finally, sheesh… I was beginning to think I wouldn’t have a single game to buy on the PS3 this year. Hopefully KillZone 2 will follow suit, granted at this rate I don’t know if I’d have time to play it. I’ve got a stack of games to buy this holiday season and I’m hoping to wrap most of them up when God of War launches in March. I’m already expecting that to be my game of the year.